POSTED 11/2  Transport help is available.

CONTACT: PH: (606) 432-6293 or (606) 432-6294  Email: [email protected]
4 Beautiful Female Kittens - Their mother got killed and these babies were bottled fed. They’re healthy and just need a loving home. Adoption fees are $5 and that includes first shots and spay/neuter.
Bella Lab Mix Medium Adult Female -
 Coco Feist Mix Medium Young Female -

Peg Leg Hound Medium Adult Male ADOPTED!

 November Beagle Medium Adult Female -

Zoey Boxer/Pit Bull Terrier Mix Medium Adult Female -
Girl Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) Mix Medium Adult   Female -

Mickey Smooth Coated Collie Mix Medium Adult Male - 

Trixie Domestic Short Hair Tabby Medium Adult Female -

Angie Domestic Short Hair Gray Medium Adult Female -

 Caesar Domestic Short Hair Orange Medium Adult Male ADOPTED!

Susan Domestic Long Hair Calico Mix Small Young Female -

Sushi Domestic Short Hair Black Medium Adult Female ADOPTED!

Tom Domestic Short Hair White Small Young Male -

 Boy Collie Mix Medium Adult Male ADOPTED!

Charlie Hound Mix Medium Adult Male ADOPTED! 

Momma Domestic Short Hair Calico Mix Small Adult Female ADOPTED!




POSTED 1/9CATS - We have some SUPER nice guys and gals ready to be a cozy best buddy! Visit the shelter and pick your new friend. A special promotion price of $10 available to approved applicants includes their spay or neuter!  

CONTACT: PH: (606) 663-4998 or Email: [email protected] if you can help

See profiles here:

Little Bit Chihuahua Small SENIOR Female - Little Bit was surrendered with one of her pups. Her pup was quickly placed. She is a new arrival, sweet and friendly to all, including other dogs. She looks to be middle aged at approx 7-8 yrs. She is adoring and appreciative of attention. Weighs about 10-12 lbs.

Shi Chihuahua Small SENIOR Female - Shi lost her owner to sickness. She is sweet and sassy. She's good with strangers and other dogs though she will compete for attention. Hi is 8-9 years old and she weighs about 10 lbs. She has good energy and is a happy lady. 

 Wes Weimaraner/Pit Bull Terrier Mix Large Adult Male URGENT! Wes is super handsome and fit. He is about 1.5 years old. He is a light chocolate/grey color and weighs about 55 lbs. He is puppy playful and would need room to exercise. He loves to meet new folks. He is not as eager to share attention with other dogs while in the shelter environment. He is well behaved and neat in his kennel. 

Adonis Hound Mix Large Adult Male LONG TIMER! Adonis as a large but, young boy possibly 1-2 years in age. He is very humble and bashful upon first meet but, he will walk on a leash and is very good with other dogs. He is a sweetheart with a very pleasing personality! His size is near 50 lbs. He LOVES other dogs and a chance to play is top on his list! He is skittish of loud or sudden noises but, doesn't run away. It simply may make him nervous. He made good progress once he settled in to his new foster home. A calm or moderately active home might be just right.

Skittle Calico Medium Adult Female - This friendly gal is beautifully marked. She is social with new folks and good,with other cats. She is young adult of medium size.
Kadiddle Buff Tabby Medium Adult Male - KaDiddle is a trip! He's extra playful, social, curious and a real nuzzler. He is also beautifully marked with yellow highlights. Lots of color in his coat. He is a young adult, healthy and good with others. He's pleasant with everyone. Medium in size.
Alma Domestic Short Hair Black and White Medium Adult Female - Friendly, sweet girl. Good with other cats.
Glow Domestic Short Hair Orange & White Medium Adult Male - Glow is a treat. He is so friendly and loves reaching out to folks familiar or unfamiliar. He is affectionate and well behaved.  He gets along wonderfully with other cats.  Glow is a shelter favorite!





CONTACT:  PH: (859) 635-2819  Email: [email protected] or [email protected]
 In October of 2016 we took on the challenge of becoming a no-kill shelter, and are proud to say that we have kept above a 90% live out-come so far.  While this sounds awesome (and it is), this doesn’t mean every dog is getting adopted quickly.  We still have Pit bulls sitting here for weeks, while people simply pass by them, or get them out and say “wow they’re amazing, but I’m not sure about a Pit Bull.”   
 We currently have one rescue that pulls from us frequently, but they tend to take the smaller, easy to adopt dogs.  We are thankful for this, but our Pitties are not.   I fear that rescues won’t pull from us because we are no-kill, but most people don’t realize that means these dogs sit here for weeks or even months until adopted, and by then they are so stressed that no one wants them.
Sally Domestic Short Hair Black and White Extra Large Adult Female - LONG TIMER!! Sally is super cuddly. She loves attention! She would like to be the only cat in her new home.
 Monkey Domestic Short Hair Medium Young Female - Monkey came in with her sister Callie and they really love each other. They spend all day cuddled up in their cage. Monkey is the more shy of the two but is just as sweet.

Godzilla Chihuahua Small SENIOR Male - This little cutie wants a home where he can lay on your lap all day. He's a senior with only 2 teeth left so his tongue sticks out most of the time. He warms up to you right away and wants to be held all the time.

Starburst Terrier Mix Small Adult Female - Starburst is still warming up to us. She's pretty submissive. She loves to be in your lap though and loves giving kisses.

Arrow Domestic Short Hair Medium SENIOR Male - This old guy wants a home where he can curl up in someones lap. Arrow is such a sweetheart. He's very laidback but loves to be pet and held. His hair is currently growing back after horrible flea allergies. He also had a hematoma on his ear that now causes his ear to look a little deformed. He is also front declawed. He needs some TLC in his life.

Major Nelson Domestic Short Hair Medium SENIOR Male - Major is a serious cuddle bug. He hates it here because he has to be in a cage. He really just wants to be in your lap.

Willie Beagle Mix Medium SENIOR Male -  Willie is a little older, but he still has a playful personality. He's smart and lovable and wants to be near his people.

Sugar Ray Boxer Large Adult Male - Sugar Ray is a cool guy. He takes a while to warm up to people. But once he does, he really loves attention.

Campbell County Animal Shelter
Melbourne, KY




POSTED 6/26 

CONTACT: PH: (270) 251-0130 Email: [email protected]

 Lucille Domestic Short Hair/Torotiseshell Mix Medium Adult Female - LONG TIMER! LUCILLE is a friendly girl with interesting markings. It looks as if someone put a calico AND tortoiseshell cat together and blended them. She plays well with the other kiddo's in the play room, and enjoys having her own special place to nap.

Chance Labrador Retriever Large SENIOR Male ADOPTED! Chance just loves to meet new people and always offers his paw for a hand shake. He is a slow speed kind of guy and is friendly with other dogs of the same energy level, no rough housing for this gentleman. He is about 6 or 7 years old, walks great on a leash and weighs 69 lbs. Chance is up to date on his vaccinations but unfortunately he was not given monthly Heartworm prevention and now he needs lifesaving treatment. If you are interested in adopting Chance or helping with his treatment please contact us.

Vixon Pit Bull Terrier/Affenpinscher Mix Large Adult Female - HEARTWORM POSITIVE!! SEEKING RESCUE!! Say hello to our pretty lady Vixon. She loves to go for short walks, sun bathing and enjoying a back scratching roll in the grass. She is a low energy kind of gal that dreams of evenings on the couch with her family. Vixon is up to date on her vaccinations but unfortunately she was not given monthly Heartworm prevention in her past so now she needs lifesaving treatment.

 Tilly Domestic Short Hair Medium Adult Female - Tilly is a calm little girl. She loves to be petted but can make herself happy just watching everything going on around her. She usually finds herself a place up high in the cat room so she has a good view. She will make a great pet for a family.

General Lab/Hound Mix Large Adult Male -  General is fun and active and would love to meet you. He is dog friendly but he does need to cat free environment. He is up to date on his vaccinations and monthly preventatives and will be neutered upon adoption.




POSTED 10/25 

CONTACT: PH: (859) 824-9403 Fax: (859) 824-9402  Email: [email protected]
Fawna Boxer Mix Medium Adult Female - This sweet girl has been at the shelter since the beginning of September. She continues to get looked over and passed by no matter how good of a girl she is. She's getting depressed and doesn't take much interest in her toys any more. There has to be someone out there looking for a beautiful girl line Fawna. Can you take a minute to share her picture and story? Let's help this homeless dog finally find her forever home. 
Moonbeam Domestic Short Hair Black and White Medium Young Male - 10 months old. Neutered.
Mona Domestic Short Hair  Medium Adult Female - 1.5 years old. Spayed.




POSTED 10/25 

CONTACT: PH (270) 969-1054 - EMAIL:  [email protected]

Appolla Terrier Mix Small Young Male - Apollo is a real cutie and he needs to find a forever home. He has lost his family and he needs your help finding a new one.

 Cocoa Staffordshire Bull Terrier Medium Young Male - Cocoa is such a sweet little guy and he is very much afraid at the shelter. He looks like he has had a hard life but he is as gentle as can be. He really needs a family to come and take him to love. Please give him the second chance he deserves.
Rusty Beagle Mix Small Young Male - Rusty is a real cutie and he is ready to make you happy.
 Lennon Terrier Mix Medium Young Male ~ Lennon was found in Livingston County and he doesn't know where his family is. 
Snuggles Domestic Medium Hair White Small Young Male - Snuggles would love to cuddle with you on your couch. He is a very sweet kitty and he really needs a home.

 Fanny Calico Mix Small Young Female - Fanny is so adorable and she really wants to be your best friend. She really needs a home. Won't you help her find one?

Crittenden County Animal Shelter
Marion, KY