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Peg Leg Hound Medium Adult Male -

Crystal Domestic Medium Hair Small Young Female  -

 Bocifus Boxer Medium Adult Male -

Momma Domestic Short Hair Calico Mix Small Adult Female -

Helen PIt Bull Terrier Medium Adult Female -

Edward Domestic Short Hair White Small Young Male -

Buddy English Setter Medium Adult Male -

 Frankie Domestic Short Hair Gray and White Small BABY Male - Siblings also at shelter!

Tink Labrador Retriever Mix Medium Adult Female -
Shilo Domestic Short Hair Tabby Small BABY Female -
Ava Border Collie Mix Medium SENIOR Female -
Shelly Shepherd Mix Medium Adult Female -

Bruno Retriever Mix Medium Adult Male -

Hazel Domestic Long Hair Black and White Medium Adult Female -



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See profiles here:

Sugarplum Calico Mix Medium Adult Female - Sugarplum is a young petite adult. She is in great shape, feisty and playful. She is slender in shape. A friendly curious gal!

Star Domestic Short Hair Medium Adult Female -  Star is a staff favorite because she is friendly with all. She will mingle with anyone and is so well behaved. She has freedom to visit throughout the shelter and keep watch over goings on. She is not only pretty but, social and calm! She could do a good job in your home keeping a smile.

Kit Kat Domestic Short Hair Black & White Medium Adult Female -

 Fuzzy Fur Babies Domestic Short Hair & Tortoiseshell BABIES URGENT!

Rocket Great Dane Large Adult Male - Rocket is friendly, energetic and outgoing. His breed mix is puzzle. He has long legs, whittled waist, and a stand up frisky tail. His size is about 70-75 lbs and he looks to be 2-3 years old. He does bark at other dogs and would require a managed introduction with new ones. He has good energy and would do well with an active family or regular playtime exercise.

Kelby American Staffordshire Terrier Large Adult Male - Kelby is all about making friends and having a play buddy. He is attentive and outgoing. Not only handsome, he can endear folks pretty quickly with his karisma. He is a young adult, like 1-2 years. He is in great shape. His size is about 50-55 lbs. He is good with other dogs and was tested with a similar male and they hit it off immediately.

Odin Hound Mix Medium BABY Male - Odin is a baby and a hoot at that! He is loving life and is eager to discover. His breed mix is not certain at this young age but, his ears tell us he could have some hound in his mix. His age is only weeks along and his size is about 10 lbs. Isn't he a cutie? His fee is $75 and includes his neuter and rabies.

Mick Border Collie Mix Medium Young Male - Mick is a young fella with good energy. He is several months to a year in age. His current size is about 35 lbs. He is friendly and would do well in an active home or one where there was a job or entertainment for him. He was tested with other dogs and he seems to want to dominate or have a competitive nature. He is new to the shelter and sometimes the atmosphere can dictate their actions and they could otherwise be a compatible pet with others.

Bess Field Spaniel/Hound Mix Medium Adult Female - Bess is a humble girl. She is a little shy but most likely will blossom nicely in new surroundings. She is gentle & generous with other dogs. Bessie is an adult 2-4 years old, we estimate. Her size is medium, about 38 - 40 lbs. She is a sweetheart personality and kind to all. 

Niko Dachshund Small Adult Male - Niko just arrived. He is used to sharing a home with other dogs. He is confident and good natured. He is an adult of at least 2-3 years. His size is about 15-20 lbs. He is friendly and eager to please. He longs to be your close buddy companion. He likes company.

Nate Retriever/Hound Mix Large Adult Male IN FOSTER CARE - NEEDS ADOPTION OR RESCUE!! Nate is a sweetheart. He has a humble timid personality but, he easily takes affection. We found that the shelter atmosphere took him aback and made him feel nervous. However, he made an excellent recovery once time and space was given to ease his fears. He really takes your heart and has proved to be so happy and loving! He made great progress with the staff and now follows basic commands. He comes to life with other dogs around and is easy to join other canines. He is also great with kids. His age is about 2-3 years old and his size is about 55 lbs. He is a beautiful color with super handsome good looks.

Santo American Staffordshire Terrier Medium Adult Male URGENT! Santo is super handsome and really a friendly fellow. He's great on a leash and an attentive dog. His size is about 50 lbs and he is a young adult. He has good energy and would love regular exercise and an active home. Not sure how Santo is with other pets.

Sally Spaniel Adult Female URGENT! BASHFUL GIRL. Sally and her home mate, Buddy, were surrendered from a poor situation. Little time was given to interaction and these two are pretty shy as a result. They are definitely beauties and are in good shape. Sally is approx 2-3 years old by estimate. Her size is about 30-35 lbs. A considerable amount of time and compassion may be needed to rehab her to a normal situation. Neither dog is aggressive or overly frightened. They can be handled and given affection. Trust and unfamiliarity is their issue with new folks. However, encouraging progress has already been made and getting them away from the shelter atmosphere will likely make a big difference. Feel free to call Mary with questions. Good with other dogs.

Adonis Hound Mix Large Adult Male URGENT! Adonis as a large but, young boy possibly 1-2 years in age. He is very humble and bashful upon first meet but, he will walk on a leash and is very good with other dogs. He is a sweetheart with a very pleasing personality! His size is near 50 lbs. He LOVES other dogs and a chance to play is top on his list! He is skittish of loud or sudden noises but, doesn't run away. It simply may make him nervous. He made good progress once he settled in to his new foster home. A calm or moderately active home might be just right.

Luke Chihuahua Small Adult MaleIN FOSTER CARE. Luke is an adult fellow. His size is about 10-12 lbs. He came from a home with many other Chi's. He is currently frightened and shy. He keeps to himself in this new atmosphere of the shelter. We will work to give him more reassurance that someone is out there to call him their own.

 Justus  Shepherd/Black Lab Mix Large Adult Male - INJURED LEG! Justus is a young adult with a size of about 50 lbs and currently underweight. He was found and had missed several meals. He is outgoing, friendly and attentive upon arrival! Likes making new friends, that's for sure! He appears to have a hurt leg. Will need to be examined.

Madeline American Staffordshire Terrier Medium Adult Female - Madeline is the best personality. She quickly brings her sunshine at first meet. She is tender, affectionate, and outgoing. Her friendliness is so much fun. Her age is approx 2-3 years old and her size about 45-50 lbs. She is good with other dogs and has a calm, non barker type demeanor. Would love for folks to see her sweetness!





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 In October of 2016 we took on the challenge of becoming a no-kill shelter, and are proud to say that we have kept above a 90% live out-come so far.  While this sounds awesome (and it is), this doesn’t mean every dog is getting adopted quickly.  We still have Pit bulls sitting here for weeks, while people simply pass by them, or get them out and say “wow they’re amazing, but I’m not sure about a Pit Bull.”   
 We currently have one rescue that pulls from us frequently, but they tend to take the smaller, easy to adopt dogs.  We are thankful for this, but our Pitties are not.   I fear that rescues won’t pull from us because we are no-kill, but most people don’t realize that means these dogs sit here for weeks or even months until adopted, and by then they are so stressed that no one wants them.

Merle Treeing Walker Coonhound Large Adult Male - $45 ADOPTION FEE! Merle is a pretty goofy dude. He loves to play. He's very motivated by food and learns tricks after some patience. He's kind of picky about the dogs that he likes, so please keep that in mind.

Murphy Pit Bull Terrier Mix Large Young Male - $45 ADOPTION FEE!  1 year old. Murphy is more of an independent dog. He still loves to give lots of kisses but doesn't seem too sad if you aren't constantly paying attention to him. Murphy hates being at the shelter so he needs to be adopted quickly to prevent him becoming stressed.

Calliou Pit Bull Terrier Mix Large Young Male - $45 ADOPTION FEE! Caillou is the happiest dog on Earth! He gives tons and tons of kisses!! He's still a puppy and will need training, but he's so eager to please people. He walks extremely well on a leash though. He loves to be right by people and is always trying to sit or stand between your legs. He's a super cute and friendly guy he just needs the right owner to give him some boundaries.

Benny Pit Bull Terrier Large Adult Male - $45 ADOPTION FEE! Benny is simply the best! Everyone who meets Benny loves him immediately. He's well-behaved and gets along with everyone and everything! He is a super sweet boy who would make an amazing family pet. He sits quietly in his kennel waiting for someone to come take him home. Dog friendly.

Oliver Boxer Large Adult Male - $45 ADOPTION FEE! Look at this cute, slobbery face! Oliver is such a happy playful guy. He's not as energetic as most boxers are but he still loves to run and play. He's the perfect combination of playful and chill! He loves to chase balls and squeaky toys and loves to cuddle as well. Oliver isn't a fan of young kids though so he would have to be in a home with older children or be put up when little ones are visiting. Other than that he's the perfect love bug!

Sadee Pit Bull Terrier Large Adult Female - $45 ADOPTION FEE! 3 years old. Sadee is such a sweet girl. She came from a house with lots of other animals so she's used to being around them and would probably like having some fur-siblings. She loves to be with her people as well though and loves laying in your lap.

Jake Pit Bull Terrier Large Adult Male - $45 ADOPTION FEE! Jake is a sweet, goofy boy who LOVES his toys. Give him a squeaky toy and he'll have fun for hours tossing it around and chewing on it. He was nervous here at first but has really warmed up. He appears to be about 5 years old but acts like he's still a puppy at heart. He does need some training but he is very eager to please people to earn treats.

 Poncho Pit Bull Terrier Mix Large Adult Male - $45 ADOPTION FEE! Poncho always looks so sad. But he really is happy when he is close to a human. He does not have a lot of energy, so he would be good for someone that is looking for a laid back doggie. Poncho is picky about the dogs that he likes.

Shadow Domestic Short Hair Black Medium BABY Male - Shadow can purr like there is no tomorrow. He just wants you to love and pet and cuddle him forever!

Mr. Bojangles Domestic Short Hair Young Medium Male - As you may have guessed, Mr. Bojangle is kind of silly. He has such a stellar personality and the tiniest, cutest baby meow!

Molly Hound Mix Medium SENIOR Female ADOPTED!  Molly is shy at first but warms up quickly. She's such a sweet girl and has a ton of energy for an older girl.
Campbell County Animal Shelter
Melbourne, KY




POSTED 6/26 

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 Lucille Domestic Short Hair/Torotiseshell Mix Medium Adult Female - LONG TIMER! LUCILLE is a friendly girl with interesting markings. It looks as if someone put a calico AND tortoiseshell cat together and blended them. She plays well with the other kiddo's in the play room, and enjoys having her own special place to nap.

Chance Labrador Retriever Large SENIOR Male ADOPTED! Chance just loves to meet new people and always offers his paw for a hand shake. He is a slow speed kind of guy and is friendly with other dogs of the same energy level, no rough housing for this gentleman. He is about 6 or 7 years old, walks great on a leash and weighs 69 lbs. Chance is up to date on his vaccinations but unfortunately he was not given monthly Heartworm prevention and now he needs lifesaving treatment. If you are interested in adopting Chance or helping with his treatment please contact us.

Vixon Pit Bull Terrier/Affenpinscher Mix Large Adult Female - HEARTWORM POSITIVE!! SEEKING RESCUE!! Say hello to our pretty lady Vixon. She loves to go for short walks, sun bathing and enjoying a back scratching roll in the grass. She is a low energy kind of gal that dreams of evenings on the couch with her family. Vixon is up to date on her vaccinations but unfortunately she was not given monthly Heartworm prevention in her past so now she needs lifesaving treatment.

 Tilly Domestic Short Hair Medium Adult Female - Tilly is a calm little girl. She loves to be petted but can make herself happy just watching everything going on around her. She usually finds herself a place up high in the cat room so she has a good view. She will make a great pet for a family.

General Lab/Hound Mix Large Adult Male -  General is fun and active and would love to meet you. He is dog friendly but he does need to cat free environment. He is up to date on his vaccinations and monthly preventatives and will be neutered upon adoption.


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