POSTED 7/26   The shelter is very high intake and low funded. All Rescues must complete a pull application and be approved. To adopt through the shelter an application is required and there is also a fence requirement for adoption of a pit. It is mandatory all dogs adopted through the shelter are spayed and neutered. Transport Assistance is Available!

CONTACT:  PH: (606) 439-4064 Email  [email protected]

 NO UPDATE...Gloria “G.G.” Pit Bull Terrier Female EXTREMELY URGENT!  SHUTTING DOWN IN SHELTER! NO UPDATE....Her only hope is an adopter with no other animals. She loves people. Gloria ended up at the shelter as so many pits do. She is a sweet, short, compact little nugget. She is spayed and vetted. She went through the prison training program and they loved her. All the other dogs picked up from the prison were adopted or rescued except Gloria. She was so happy on the ride back having no idea she was going back to the shelter. As soon as she realized she was going back to the shelter her entire demeanor changed and she became stressed. She was used to being with a human day in and day out and she thought she was safe. She wasn't. Gloria is such a sweet heart. She started shutting down quickly. She won't even make eye contact. The first picture is her on the ride home. She was chasing flies and acting silly. Video:  - The video is when she realized she was back at the shelter.

#27 Bryant Adult Male URGENT! 6 years old, 54lbs. Brother Billy is also at the shelter and is also urgent!
 R4 Buddy & Dot Young Siblings/Male & Female URGENT! LONG TIMERS! HAD SARCOPTIC MANGE - have been Treated. 1 year old. Buddy weighs 32lbs. and Dot weighs 28lbs. Both are friendly, but timid. They must have had a bad life and deserve to know what love is.
Sparky Large Adult Male URGENT! LONG TIMER! 4 years old, 78lbs. Friendly. Owner turn in because Sparky wouldn’t stay chained.

Maize Adult Female URGENT! LONG TIMER! POSSIBLY PREGNANT! 4 years old, 48lbs. Friendly, but a little timid.

R9 Jonah Coonhound Adult Male - HAS SKIN ISSUES! 1 year old, 54lbs. Shy, but will let you pet him. ONE OF SEVEN HOUNDS DUMPED AT THE SHELTER ON ONE DAY!

 Carly Young Female - POSSIBLY PREGNANT! 1 year old, 28lbs. Shy. Can’t pick up yet because she is scared.

Snickers Small Young Female URGENT! LONG TIMER!1 year old, 14lbs. Shy. Can’t pick up yet because she is afraid.




POSTED 4/6   All shelter animals are urgent due to the amount of intake and limited space. If you see a animal that you are interested in please make it a priority to meet the animal and make your decision as soon as possible. Out of state transport assistance available.


CONTACT: PH: (502) 875-7297   EMAIL: [email protected]

Magnus Pit Bull Terrier Medium Adult Male - LONG TIMER! Magnus was adopted in March 2016 and returned January 2017 because he played to rough with the child in the home. He is back up for adoption and looking for his forever home. Magnus is a bully breed mix estimated to be 3 years old and he weighs 37 lbs. He is good with other dogs and friendly. He is curious about cats and wants to play with them. He will chase them if they run.

 Jorge Chihuahua Small SENIOR Male - Jorge is a 5 year old, white and tan, male Chihuahua that weighs 8 lbs. He came in as a stray. He is laid back and one very cool dude! It takes him a day or two to warm up to you, but once he knows you're trustworthy he is your best friend!

Jim Shepherd Mix Medium Adult Male - Jim is a 3 year old, light brown, male Shepherd mix that weighs 35 lbs. He came to the shelter as a stray. He doesn't quite grasp the concept of walking on a leash. He thinks it's a game so he will need some leash training. He is looking for an active family or adult companion.

Eve Tabby/Calico Mix Medium Young Female - LONG TIMER! Eve is a 1 1/2 year old, short haired female. Beautiful, bashful, and brave; this girl is surely different! We believe she may have the markings similar to a lynx point Siamese. If her looks don't paw at your attention, then her lovable personality certainly will! Slow movements and a quiet hello will help her trust in you. She is cautious around other cats but still curious about them. She would do best in a home without small children.

 Bee Bee Domestic Short Hair/Russian Blue Mix Medium Adult Female - HAS $5 SPONSORSHIP TOWARD ADOPTION FEE!!  BeeBee is a 3 year old, short haired, grey/silver female that was owner surrendered to the shelter. Her owner moved where they weren't allowed to have pets. She is slow to trust people but coming around more and more every day as she adjusts to life here. She prefers to come to you on her own terms and likes to lounge around enjoying her solitude. Her previous owner says she gets along with other cats, dogs and kids so she will probably come out of her shell more once in a home environment.
 Snowball Domestic Short hair White Medium Young Male - FIV + Snowball is a 7 month old, short haired, mostly white male that has a few unique light grey spots on the top of his head. He was owner surrendered to the shelter when his owner had to move and couldn't have pets at their new place. He has tested positive for FIV, however, that doesn't make him any less adoptable or any less deserving of a loving home. He is a very affectionate boy with lots of love to give! He is looking for a human in need of a foot warmer! He is very good at it! FIV Facts: FIV stands for feline immunodeficiency virus and cats that have FIV often cannot fight off illnesses as well as cats without FIV. Humans cannot contract FIV and it is transmitted between cats through blood, bites or birth. Cats with FIV do not require regular medicine but it is important they be fed a healthy diet. Cats with FIV usually live a normal life span.




CONTACT: PH: (606) 324 - 0745  Email: [email protected]

 ID #48 Adult Male - Weighs about 40lbs. This boy is perfect. He walks on his leash, sits for treats, is calm and relaxed. No guarantees - but we are pretty sure he is housebroken. Did we mention beautiful too? His coat is thick and healthy. He's black, but his ears and the ends of his hair are brown. We just love him! Stray.
ID #77 Amber Young Female - Amber is a BEAUTIFUL 8 month old pup. Seriously, look how gorgeous! She is super friendly. She is going to LOVE your kids and walks in the park. She is approx 20-25 lbs. She is the perfect size to be in your house and sitting on your lap on the couch.


Lawrenceburg, KY:  ADOPTABLE DOGS & CATS!

POSTED 6/26  


CONTACT: PH: (502) 839-8339  Email: [email protected]

#136   Whitney Lab Mix Medium Adult Female - I had a home up until recently. My family was moving and I wasn't allowed to go. I'm so sad that I lost my home, and I really don't like it here.

Bishop Golden Retriever Large Adult Male - Stray. I thought my owner would come here to get me and take me back home, but for some reason, they never showed up.

#2887  Cadence Lab Mix Large Adult Female - SPONSORED! My owner brought me here in hopes that they can find a new home for me. I'm a few years old, but I'm a super sweet girl and I'm housetrained too, so I hope you'll give me a chance.

#4235 Panther Domestic Short Hair Medium BABY Male  -  I came here with my baby brother. A nice lady found us under her house, but our mama was nowhere to be found.

#4237 Jada Domestic Short Hair Black Medium Adult Female - I look like I've had babies recently, but I don't know where they are.

#56 Dolly Domestic Short Hair Tabby Mix Large Adult Female - A nice lady found me and my two little kittens. She was nice enough to bring us here and now the three of us are all looking for new homes.





CONTACT:  PH: (502) 543-8686 - Email: [email protected]

Alayna Pit Bull/Lab Mix Large Adult Female - LONGEST SHELTER RESIDENT! ADOPTION FEE is $40 and has sponsorship for Rabies vaccinations. Alayna is a very sweet dog with people, but doesn't do well with cats or certain dogs. She has been at the shelter for 3 months and we would love to find her a new home. She does know some commands.and seems to be spayed already.

Violet American Bully/Staffordshire Terrier Mix Young Female RESCUE ONLY Due to medical concerns.  1 year old. Owner surrender. She needs pulled ASAP to a rescue. She's a super sweet girl who we fear is not going to do well in a shelter environment. Owner surrender notes that she has been around pigs and did well. Was an only dog. Not sure of cats. Violet is currently being assessed by a veterinarian and we will update as soon as we know more on her condition. Please help us help Violet.

Tig Domestic Short Hair Tabby Mix - HAS BEEN AT SHELTER 3 MONTHS! 2 years old. Sweetheart. Can’t say enough about Tig. Been through a lot. Was trapped, but definitely wasn’t a feral cat. Would love to have a home.

Chance Domestic Short Hair White and Gray - Sweetest cat ever. Chance is a 4 to 5 years old that loves to cuddle and lets you hold him like a baby. He would love to find a forever home.

Sprinkles Pit Bull Terrier Mix  Adult Female - Sprinkles is approximately 2-3 years old. She is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. She is a sweet, lovable girl. She gets along with other dogs and loves people.

 Chili Young Female - Chili is approximately 1 yr old female. She is a beautiful sweet girl waiting for her forever family.

Sally Pit Bull Terrier Adult Female - LONG TIMER! Sally has been here for 4 months and is gonna need a special person to adopt her. She is not good with any other animals,  but very sweet with people..She is only about 2-3 years old. Sally is spayed and UTD on vaccinations.
Mac Adult Male - LONG TIMER! NO UPDATE...Mac is approximately 2-3 years old and unaltered. He is timid, but after he warms up he loves to give hugs and wants attention. He knows sit command, but needs more training on manners. He is a sweet boy who needs some training.

Emma Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mix Medium Young Female - Picked up as a stray. Very sweet and loving.





CONTACT: Message Amber Pino via Facebook. Animal Control: PH:  (606) 348-0575

Wayne County Holding Facility/Animal Control
Monticello, KY