POSTED 8/8 -  They are a high intake facility, taking in over 12,000 animals a year. In order to help rescues help them, all dogs are fully vetted and have no pull fee.  Please take a moment each day to share some of these dogs. Space is limited at Animal House and not all of these dogs will have the chance to get there (and be more in the public eye) BUT that doesn't make them any less worthy of a foster or adoptive home! Please be sure to include the animal's ID number in all correspondence. Transport can be arranged, they run weekly from Louisville.   Please be sure to include the animal's ID number in all correspondence.

CONTACT: Adoption: PH: (502) 473-7387  Email:  [email protected] -  If you are a rescue and wish to pull one of these dogs, contact Shannon Riley at [email protected]  ~ Please be sure to include the animal's ID number in all correspondence
 Foster application:
Email the application to [email protected] Please be sure to include the animal's ID number in all correspondence

DOGS AT ANIMAL HOUSE AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! CONTACT: (502) 473-7387 - Email:  [email protected]

bum of Urgent Dogs!  ALL LISTED ARE VERY URGENT!!

A617756 Emma Jean Adult Female ADOPTED! VERY SCARED AT SHELTER! Approx 2 years old,  sweet, 47lbs, owner surrender.

A615589 Bianca Adult Female URGENT! LONG TIMER! Approx 2 years old, HAS OLD LEG INJURY, friendly, ok with other dogs, 55lbs, stray.
A618397 Winston Adult Male RESCUED! HEART WORM POSITIVE! Approx 3 years old, friendly, ok with another dog, 81lbs, stray.

A611942 Sampson Adult Male EXTREMELY URGENT! HEARTWORM POSITIVE!! Approx 2 years old, scared at the shelter, sweet, ok with another dog, 64lbs.

DOGS AT LMAS ANIMAL HOUSE NEEDING ADOPTION! CONTACT: PH: (502) 473-7387 Email: [email protected]

 A617265 Ringo Young Male - AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION AT LMAS ANIMAL HOUSE - SCARED AT SHELTER! Approx 1 year old, ok with other dogs, 45lbs, stray.

A616748 Una Young Female URGENT! AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION AT LMAS ANIMAL HOUSE! SCARED AT SHELTER! Approx 1 year old,  44lbs, stray.

A621037 Blueberry SENIOR Male - Approx 8 years old, ok with other dogs, friendly, stray.

A620166 Adult Female - Approx 6 years old, scared at the shelter, ok with another dog, 55lbs, stray.

Annie English Coonhound Mix Medium Adult Female -

Eli Pit Bull Terrier Large Adult Male - BLIND! Help Eli find a home! This four-year-old boy recently came into the shelter as a stray and is having a difficult time adjusting to shelter life. While it is stressful for any pet to adjust to the new smells and sounds of the shelter, Eli's anxiety is compounded because of his lack of eyesight. We believe this sweet boy is blind, which means he is experiencing this scary place in the dark. This has made Eli extremely fearful. Please help comfort this scared guy! Sweet boy.

Tinkie Domestic Short Hair Large Adult Male -

Mark Domestic Long Hair Large Adult Male - FREE TO APPROVED ADOPTER! This five-year-old handsome fella found his way into the shelter as a stray about three months ago. He is very laid back and does not need much to be a happy cat. All this boy needs is the right family to love him unconditionally and a comfortable couch to cuddle up and sleep on.

Honey Bun Domestic Long Hair Large Adult Female - Spayed. This seven-year-old darling came to the shelter about a month ago after her owner passed away. Not only has Honey Bun had to cope with this tragic loss, but she's also had to make the transition from a cozy home to the stressful shelter. The transition has been hard on her. Honey Bun loves affection and cuddles!

There are two ways to see the shelter's animals who are online: 1 - Animals in the adoption program (Animal House) can be viewed at:  2 - Other animals waiting in the shelter who are NOT in the adoption program (and therefore only available to rescues) can be seen at by searching for Louisville Metro Animal Services using 40215 zip code. There are Chis, JRTs, Dalmatians, Labs, Doxies, Beagles, Lhasas, Bassets, Danes, Australian Shepherds, Boston Terriers, Collies, Yorkies, Pitties, Pyrs, Boxers, and anything else you can imagine. Metro gets a huge number of purebred animals and a ton of absolutely perfect mixed breeds. These animals really need help. They aren't even in the adoption program.

Louisville Metro Animal Services
Louisville, KY




CONTACT: Phone: (270) 586-3125  Email: [email protected]

Rizzo Lab Mix Large Young Female URGENT  Rizzo is around 6-7 months old. She is some type of lab mix. Rizzo is a shy girl, but she has opened up a lot since she's been at the shelter. She is great with other dogs! Unfortunately, she has an injured leg she is on medication for, but she may possibly need surgery for.
Rambo Pit Bull Terrier Large Adult Male - This sweet 6 year old boy is Rambo. He came to us a little skinny but he's putting some weight back on. He can be nervous around new people, so you have to give him some time to warm up to you. Once he does he is such a sweetheart! Rambo loves back scratches, and to cuddle up on his blanket in his kennel (so I'm sure he'd love a couch much more!) He does have an old injury to his leg, but it doesn't seem to bother him and it surely doesn't let him down!




CONTACT:  PH: (270) 298-4499  Email: [email protected] 

Scout Adult Female EXTREMELY URGENT! 2-3 years old. Brindle.  Scout is okay with other dogs and cats.

Four J Kittens BABIES  Jobi (m) RIP, Joel ADOPTED (m) Joey (m) RIP and Jordan (m) RIP are 8-10 weeks old. They are owner surrenders.

Three J Kittens BABIES EXTREMELY URGENT! Jorie (m) Josey (m) and Josilin (f) are 8-10 weeks old. They are owner surrenders.

 Four Kittens BABIES KILLED...RIP... Rowan (m) River (f) Rollie (f) and Rollo (m) are 6-8 weeks old.

Gretchen Domestic Short Hair Adult Female RESCUE PENDING! 2 years old. Owner Surrender.  Pretty girl.

Dixie Adult Female RESCUED! 2 years old, weighs about 35 pounds. Dixie tested well with other dogs and our shelter cat. Very quiet and subdued. She would make someone a great pet.


 Scooter Young Male EUTH ALERT RESCUE FELL THROUGH! HANDSOME AND DESERVING BOY! 1 year old, 56lbs. Big, playful boy.

Princess SENIOR Female URGENT! 8 years old. Fun, sweet girl deserving of a home. She currently weighs 53 lbs. She lived with a Pug.

Breeze Adult Male URGENT! 1-2 years old, neutered, UTD on rabies, microchipped and weighs 57 pounds.

Five Kittens BABIES URGENT!  Brody (m), Berry (f), Bryce (m) R.I.P., Brisco (m), and Bug (f) are 12 weeks old.

 Lil Miss Young Female URGENT! RESCUE ONLY! PREGNANT! 1 year old female. She is an owner surrender.

 Misty and Five Newborn Kittens RESCUE PENDING! Misty is the 3 year old mother of Mersey (F), Major (M), Mia (F), McKayla (F), and Miracle (F) born 07/27/2017.  The babies are 2 weeks old.

Laraine and Seven Kittens RESCUE PENDING! Laraine is the 2 year old mother of Lorenzo M), Lynton (M), Lochan (M), Luca (M), Lantanna (F), Lamar (M), and Luke (M). The babies are 2 weeks old.

Five Kittens KILLED...R.I.P...  Clutch (M), Caki (M), Cookie (F), Cluck (F) and Cake (F) are 8 weeks old.

Momma Cat & Six Kittens RESCUE ONLY!  TWO KITTENS DIED! Momma Cat is the 2 year old mother to Alex (M), Abraham (M) and Alexis (F) born 07/14/17. She is the adoptive mother to Galaxy (F), Garland M) and Gamble (M) born 07/25/2017.

 Missy Domestic Short Hair Calico/White Mix  Young Female URGENT! Missy is around 1 year old and was turned in to the shelter by her owner. She is absolutely gorgeous and she seems very sweet.

Eli Domestic Short Hair Black and White  BABY Male URGENT! RESCUE ONLY! 8 weeks old. BROTHER ELAM IS ALSO URGENT!

Elam Domestic Short Hair Black and White  BABY Male URGENT! RESCUE ONLY! 8 weeks old. Brother Eli is also URGENT!

Four Kittens BABIES RESCUE ONLY! ???Chester & Chettoh (M) and Willow & Grace (F) were born 05/08/2017.

Three Kittens BABIES KILLED...R.I.P.... Pippy (M), Pocahontas (F), and Parry (M) are 8 weeks old.




 POSTED 6/19  This shelter is in need of rescue help for some of their dogs, particularly their bully breed types!  If you can't help, please share!

CONTACT: PH:  859-792-1562

Garrard County Animal Shelter
Lancaster, KY