UPDATE 8/17 -   EUTH DATE SET FOR FRI AUG 18th or SOONER IF MORE DOGS COME IN ! SHELTER TOOK in 18 DOGS IN TWO DAYS!! PLEASE HELP IF YOU ARE A RESCUE!  Dogs and cats can simply “disappear” at any time to make space.  Pull and some transport help available! 

CONTACT: Email Holly Cichelli at [email protected], call the shelter at (206) 571-8287 or please stop by the shelter,115 Adena Dr. Mount Sterling KY.




FOSTERS WANTED! NEED short and long term standby dog and cat fosters. A foster gives them a place to stay, out of the shelter environment, until transport can be arranged.  CONTACT: Email - [email protected]

#566 Kennel 6 Shasta American Staffordshire Terrier Adult Female URGENT! HAS $30 in PLEDGES! 3 years old. Shasta is a beauty, well mannered, friendly, walked well on the leash.

#562 Kennel 33 Tim Mountain Cur Mix Adult Male URGENT! HAS $50 in PLEDGES! 3 years old, about 50lbs. Friendly, handsome guy. Enthusiastic for life, interested in all that's happening.

#443 Kennel 22 Ace American Staffordshire Terrier Mix Adult Male URGENT! HAS $180 in PLEDGES! 2-3 years old. About 50lbs  Ace was left at MCAS when adopted from another shelter and didn’t fit in with the family. This is his 2nd recent shelter experience. Ace was a real gentleman for his pictures. Well mannered on the leash.

 #434 Kennel 18 Bo Black Lab Mix Adult Male URGENT! LONG TIMER! HAS $120 in PLEDGES! 2-3 years old, about 50lbs. Bo is a handsome fellow, dignified and very well mannered.

#519 Kennel 21 Butch Shepherd Mix Young Male URGENT! HAS $142 in PLEDGES! 1 year old, about 65-70lbs.  Good looking, well mannered young fellow.

 #569 Kennel 15 Harley Shepherd Mix Adult Male URGENT! HAS $20 in PLEDGES! 2 years old, about 50-60lbs. Good looking, kind fellow. Friendly, well mannered on a leash.

  #589 Kennel 5 Speck Pointer Mix Adult Male URGENT! HAS $75 in PLEDGES! 3 years old, about 50lbs. Sweet, well mannered, dignified dog.

 #579 Kennel 11 Shadow Lab Mix Young Male URGENT! HAS $70 in PLEDGES & HW TEST SPONSORED! 1 year old, about 70lbs. Nice, well mannered, big boy.

 #573 Kennel 2 Blaze Lab Mix Young Male URGENT! HAS $30 in PLEDGES! 4-5 months old, about 25lbs. Sweet, fun loving puppy.

 #570 Kennel 9 Checkers Young Male URGENT! HAS $20 in PLEDGES! 3-4 months old, about 20lbs. Beautiful puppy, well maintained, friendly.

Cage 10 Magnolia Adult Female - 2 years old. Owner surrender - couldn’t take care of you.

  Cage 11 Molly & Max BABIES URGENT! HAVE URI! HAVE $25 in PLEDGES! 6 weeks old. Playful and friendly. Molly - buff tabby - female. Max Tabby/White - male.

Cage 12 Cade and Orion Young Males - 6 months old. Cade Orange Tabby Male and Orion Grey Tabby Male.

Cage 14 Three Kittens BABIES - 5 weeks old. Priscilla Female Tabby, Elvis Black Male, Blackbird Black Male.

Cage 19 Fergie Tortoiseshell Mix Adult Female URGENT!  HAS $25 in PLEDGES! Friendly.

Cage 21 Ebony & Kittens URGENT! HAVE $50 in PLEDGES! Ebony is a 1 year old female. Her kittens are 4.5 weeks old. Ebony is scared, but you can pat her all over.

Cage 22 Eva & Two Newborn Kittens URGENT! HAS URI! HAS $50 in PLEDGES! Eva is 2 years old. Her two kittens are two days old.

Cage 13 Three Kittens Orange Tabby BABIES URGENT! 5 weeks old. Spice - Female, Creamsicle - Female - Pumpkin - Female.





CONTACT: PH: (606) 387-0943 




Gunner Adult Male URGENT! 2 years old, 59lbs. Brindle. NEEDS MEDICAL TREATMENT! Missing toe nail and has infected right eye. Very laid back and sweet.

Kennel #13 Min Pin SENIOR! NO UPDATE...10 years old. 25lbs. Very overweight. Owner Surrender.

Kennel #14 Lab/Terrier Mix Small Young Female -- NO UPDATE... 1 year old, 15 - 20lb. Very friendly.

Chance Adult Male URGENT! 1-2 years old, 43lbs. No tail. Very sweet and friendly.

Golden Retriever Adult - NO UPDATE...2 years old, approximately 75-80lbs.

#19 Pit Bull Terrier Mix Large Adult Female - NO UPDATE...2-3 years old, approximately 70lbs. Friendly.

Two Shepherd Mix Puppies BABIES URGENT! 10 weeks old. Dezi Male 10lbs. Lucy Female 7lbs.

Kennel #21 Lab/Shepherd Mix Large Adult Female - NO UPDATE...1.5 years old, approximately 75-80lbs. Friendly.

Eastwood Shepherd Mix Adult Male URGENT! 3 years old, 68lbs. Very sweet and friendly.

Kennel #10 Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler)/Lab Mix Adult Male - 3 years old, 25-30lbs.

 Lily Mixed Breed Young Female URGENT! Blond and white. 1 year old, 26lbs. Very friendly.

Kennel #11 Possible Border Collie Mix Black and White Adult Female - NO UPDATE...1-2 years old, 35-40lbs.

 Red Lab Mix Adult Male URGENT! 6 years old, 67lbs. Friendly, possibly housebroken.

Kennel  #7 Blond Beagle Mix Young Female - NO UPDATE...1 year old, 35-40lbs Friendly.

#8 Yellow Lab/Husky Mix Young Male - NO UPDATE...1 year old, 60lbs. Friendly.

#4 Pit Bull Terrier Mix Young Male - NO UPDATE...1 year old, 65-70lbs. Beautiful and friendly.

Kennel ##3 Brindle Pit Bull Terrier Mix Large Adult Female - NO UPDATE...2-3 years old, 70lbs. Scared and shy.

 Kennel #2 Pit Bull Terrier Mix Small Young Female - NO UPDATE...1 year old, 30lbs. Friendly.





CONTACT: PH: Julie Zine - PH:  (317) 327-1397  Email: [email protected]

#265182 Elijah Labrador Retriever Mix Young Male EUTH ALERT! HAS $445 in PLEDGES! HAS BROKEN LEG! 1 year old, 38 lbs. Elijah has a broken right rear leg and is not doing well here at the shelter. He has become frustrated and his behavior is declining as well as having fractured leg. He is very friendly towards several staff here but has been iffy with meeting new people unless accompanied by staff he is friendly with.

#262611 Orlando Lab/Pit Bull Terrier Mix Adult Male RESCUE PENDING!! 4 years, 44 lbs. Orlando has been waiting the longest of all the dogs on our rescue list. He passed his temp test, so we posted he was going to the adoption floor. Sadly, he tried to snap at the medical staff when they were checking his teeth. They tried to do his exam twice, but he behaved the same way. He needs someone in rescue who can help him be more comfortable with handling.

#238135 Walter Pit Bull Terrier Mix Adult Male RESCUE PENDING!  5 years old , 40 lbs. Walter was surrendered by his owner. He is easy to handle and calm and easy-going once he is comfortable. Walter was introduced to another dog and though he seemed somewhat friendly, he was hard to read. He was pushy and intense but did not show aggression with the other dog.


#265182 Elijah Lab Mix Young Male TIME RUNNING OUT!! MEDICAL URGENT! HAS BROKEN LEG! HAS $445 in PLEDGES! 1 year old, 38 lbs. Elijah (named by us) is still on stray hold for a few more days. He has a broken right rear leg and will be in need of immediate rescue when his hold is over. The person that found Elijah took him to the vet, and they placed a splint. We have him on pain meds here but hope to get a head start on finding rescue placement. He is a friendly dog. No issues with handling.

 #264478 Kobi Pit Bull Terrier Mix Young Male MEDICAL URGENT! HAS $55 in PLEDGES! 1 year old, 40 lbs. Kobi was surrendered by his owner because of injuries she could not afford to treat. He came in with wounds to his right front leg as well as right back leg. There was lots of swelling initially, but the swelling has gone down some. Wounds are better too but still in need of more than the shelter can do. We have him on antibiotics and pain meds here. Kobi is super sweet and the vet techs have really fallen for him. He is a busy, goofy guy and thankfully seems unaware that he is wounded.

  #264289 Buttercup Pit Bull Terrier Mix Adult Female MEDICAL URGENT! HAS $195 in PLEDGES! 5 years old, 53 lbs. Buttercup was surrendered by her owner because of cost. Owner said Buttercup had a plate placed in her leg some time ago and is now having issues with her other leg. Owner said the other dog in the home had started to attack her, and she is now fearful around other dogs. Owner also stated she likes cats and kids-though we can't confirm. Buttercup is timid and shy here. She was easy to handle at intake and quiet and easy going. X-rays showed she does have a plate in one leg, and likely has torn ACL in the other leg.

  #084882 Kenya Pit Bull Terrier SENIOR Female - HAS $85 in PLEDGES! Spayed. 11 years old, 43 lbs. Miss Kenya is a senior girl who has some stiffness in her back legs. Let's don't let her spend too long at the shelter. Please share and help us find her a foster home in rescue with a soft bed, delicious treats, and lots of love! Kenya was here years ago in 2007. Now she is back and in need of rescue. She came in as a stray-no owner claimed. Kenya is a nice senior gal who is happy to meet people and did well when introduced to another dog. She has some runny/sagging eyes and has had some skin issues in the past. Kenya walks with a stiff gait so may have some arthritis. She still loves to go for walks and spend time outside.

#264317 Alfredo Lab Mix Young Male RESCUE ONLY! 1 year old, 50 lbs. This handsome boy arrived as a stray and has not been claimed. Alfredo is a rock star with other dogs and loves to engage play. He is bouncy and wiggly and friendly to everyone he meets-people and dogs. He was evaluated for our adoption floor but did not pass food bowl test. He has some missing fur from the waist down, most likely from fleas. Skin looks healthy, and he should be good as new in no time.

  #258311 Kennedy Pit Bull Terrier Adult Female - HAS BEEN RETURNED TWICE! NO UPDATE!! HAS $100 in PLEDGES! 2 years old, 57 lbs. Kennedy was adopted and returned once because of her dislike for cats. She has now been returned again because the family said she was too strong for them. Kennedy is a beautiful gal who loves people and is very social. She is strong and needs direction at times. She was temperament tested before going back to the adoption floor and this time, did not test well when meeting other dogs.

 #190598 Star Pit Bull Terrier Mix SENIOR Female URGENT! HAS $140 in PLEDGES! 8 years old, 62 lbs. This girl is a hefty, happy lovable dog. Wags all the time and is eager to give kisses. I spoke to previous owner who said she was fine with her male dog, cats, and older kids for the four years she was with her. She has become stubborn about things she doesn't want to do. When they want her to go outside, and she doesn't want to, she will give warning growls. Owner is having some family and personal issues and did not have room in her life for Star anymore.

 #265369 Violet Pit Bull Terrier Mix Adult Female URGENT! RESCUE ONLY! HAS $75 PLEDGE! 3 years old, 43 lbs. Violet was found at an abandoned property attached to a tree with a heavy chain. That did not darken her spirit though, as she is super loving and affectionate. She is very people-friendly and really likes attention. We introduced her to another dog, and she was focused and p

ushy, but didn't show aggression. The other dog did seem fearful of her. As you can see, Violet has an issue with one of her eyes and also has some skin issues we are treating. /1605102399563688/?type=3&theater

 #264956 Miles Shar Pei/Lab mix? SENIOR MALE URGENT! RESCUE ONLY! HAS $50 in PLEDGES! 10 years+, 45 lbs. Miles seems to be very worried about his surroundings and really wants a rescue to find him irresistibly cute. He is timid but friendly and does well on leash. He seems potty trained. He does have some hair loss on his rump and came in with nails overgrown. He is an oldie with a stiff gait and some muscle wasting in the back.

  #65212 and #265213 Carley and Caprice Chihuahua Mixes Young Females URGENT! RESCUE ONLY! HAVE $5 in PLEDGES! Carley is 8 lbs and Caprice is 11 lbs. Carley (scruffy) is a bit more friendly than Caprice. These gals were brought in as stray and not claimed. Caprice shows me her teeth when I try to visit, but I know she is just very fearful. She trembles and stays tucked in. Not willing to split them up, so they must be pulled together.

 #265159 Costello Rat Terrier Small SENIOR Male RESCUE ONLY! HAS $5 PLEDGE! 10 yrs, 15 lbs. Costello arrived as a stray. He is an oldie with some arthritis and some itchy skin but doing well on meds here. He loves to burrow under blankets and enjoys a good nap. I have visited with him many times. He seems to enjoy affection.

  #264805 Gypsy Mixed Breed Adult Female RESCUE ONLY! HAS $5 PLEDGE! 4 years, 67 lbs. Gypsy arrived as a stray and has been so nervous she wasn't eating. We are keeping an eye on her, and she has become a little braver here. We hope her appetite will pick up. Gypsy is a gentle and quiet dog. She walks well on a leash and has manners. She did well when meeting another dog today. Her rump is red and raw and missing some fur, so she will need some time to heal. Gypsy is going to make a great companion for someone once she is all better and feeling confident. Hoping to find rescue for her soon!

#236699 Hattie Domestic Short Hair Adult Female URGENT! RESCUE ONLY! HAS $120 in PLEDGES! Spayed, 6 years old. Hattie was adopted from one of our events in the Spring. She had been on special food here at the shelter to help with allergies, and we sent some home with adopter. She has been returned and seems to have some itchy skin again with thinning fur. We think a rescue will be best and can work on her skin issues, as well as better match her with an adopter. Hattie is no trouble at all. She is a quiet and friendly kitty. Every day I have seen her, she is perched on the back of this computer. She sleeps sitting up, it seems. Lovely cat!

#262636 Lemon Domestic Short Hair Adult Female URGENT! HAS $20 in PLEDGES! Spayed, 2 years old. Lemon was found as a stray. She seems to have some chronic allergies and will need more care/special food etc. We had placed her on our adoption floor, but she is not getting better skin-wise. Her skin scrape was negative. We have tried several meds, but they do not seem to help. She may need to see a kitty dermatologist. She is a friendly, adorable cat who rubs against her cage bars for affection!

Indianapolis Animal Care and Control Services
Indianapolis, IN
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POSTED 6/22 

CONTACT:  PH: (859) 734-5154
 Nitro Great Pyrenees Mix Adult MaleLONG TIMER!! Neutered, 73 pounds, maybe 5-6 years old. Sweet boy!
Mercer County Animal Shelter
Harrodsburg, KY



CONTACT: PH: (606) 526-6925  - Email: [email protected]  To Adopt/More Information: Email [email protected] 

Mikey Beagle/Aussie Mix Young Male -  Mikey is neutered and so very meek. An awesome boy looking for his forever home.