URGENTS  MAY 22, 2018




POSTED 5/22  - NEED RESCUES/ADOPTER!  SHELTER HAS 50 CAT LIMIT!   Transport help is available to rescue groups.  Owner Surrenders, Russell County Dogs and Cats HAVE NO HOLD TIME! Offers of sponsorship are greatly appreciated and may make it possible for rescues to step up for animals that they wouldn't otherwise be able to help. 
CONTACT:  PH: (606) 679-6432 - Email - [email protected]  -   If you would like to be a foster until a permanent home is found, please email Ellie Grant at [email protected]
Samson Shepherd Mix Adult Male URGENT! IN FOSTER, BUT NEEDS RESCUE! 65lbs, 2.5 years old. Samson is a little timid, but has sweet, soulful eyes. Sweet boy.
 #72 Apollo Collie Mix Adult Male - 40lbs., 6 years 3 months old. Sweet and friendly. A little on the skinny side.

 #105 Minnie Labrador Retriever Mix Young Female - ADOPTED AND RETURNED! 30lbs., 10 months old.. This baby was just a baby when she was adopted. she has came back to us and not so much a baby anymore. she has grown up to be a very pretty young lady. The adopter said she was just to much for her to handle.

#213 Latoya Pit Bull Terrier Mix Adult Female URGENT! IN FOSTER, BUT NEEDS RESCUE! LONG TIMER!!  2 years old, 55lbs. Latoya has lots of love and loves to kiss. She will need to meet other canine family members. No cats and doesn't like female dogs.
Bandit Pit Bull Terrier/Mountain Cur Mix Young Male RESCUED! 1 year old, 65lbs. Seems shy and a little scared at first, but very sweet.

Shelby Boxer Mix Young Female ADOPTED!  40lbs., 1 year 3 months. Shelby was returned to shelter - no fault of her own. Owner sold house and couldn't find a place to rent that would allow him to have her. She is ok with big dogs but does not play well with cats and small dogs.

 Gracie Bull Terrier Mix Young Female NOT IN NEW ALBUM AND NO UPDATE... 35lbs, 1 year 4 months old. Seems to be very sweet with people. Would be a good one person baby.

 Dude German Shepherd Dog/Labrador Retriever Mix Large Adult Male - 83lbs 3 years 11 months old. A handsome boy that loves car rides. He has never been around kids so not for sure how he would be with them, but he loves adults and loves his paws to be rubbed.

Rhett Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) Adult Male -  60lbs., 5 years old. Very shy and standoffish. Will not let you pet him.
   #65 Dusty Boxer Mix Young Male -  50lbs., 1 year old. Very sweet and well behaved. Dusty is a big puppy.

#52 Tonto German Shepherd Dog Adult Male - 65lbs., 2 years old. Seems to be a good boy. Likes people, but doesn't seem to like other dogs.

Champ Male Shar Pei Mix Adult Male RESCUED! 35lbs., 4 years 1 month old. This boy has had a rough time. He is a little shy and scared, but is warming up.
 Carmel Australian Shepherd Mix Adult Female RESCUED! 35lbs., 3 years 9 months old. A little on the hairy side, but very sweet and active.

Diego Mixed Breed Young Male RESCUED! 35lbs., 23 weeks old. Diego is a very friendly boy.


...Mama with 5 Nursing Kittens  Domestic Short Hair Young Female URGENT! RESCUE ONLY!  1 year old. Kittens are nursing. Very sweet and friendly girl.

 Princess Domestic Short Hair Black Young Female URGENT! GETTING URI! 1 year old. Seems to be a very friendly girl.
Jewel Domestic Short Hair White Adult Female URGENT! GETTING URI! 2 years old. Beautiful solid white girl with blue eyes. We think she might be spayed because it looks like she is ear tipped but the lady that found her had never seen her before.
Sassy Domestic Short Hair Black and White Young Female URGENT! GETTING URI! 1 year old. Sweet Sassy is as lovable as ever. She was spayed on 5/3/18. $35 ADOPTION/PULL FEE.
Clay Domestic Short Hair Adult Male -  POSSIBLY SEMI-FERAL. Clay is allowing more contact and letting us handle him more. Poor Clay is very scared in the shelter and possibly even semi-feral. He was caught in a trap that was too small for him so he has a superficial injury to his back. He carries on a little when picked up but he can be moved.


2. Greenup, KY: URGENT! Available Dogs/Puppies/Cats/Kittens!


UPDATE 4/30 -  SHELTER FULL!! Please SHARE this album so that a forever home can be found for each of the innocent animals. Very rural shelter. Adoption fee is $10! Limited transportation assistance is available. No pull fee for reputable rescues.

CONTACT:   PH: (606) 473-5711  Email: [email protected] Transportation assistance is available to rescues

 Jack Shepherd Mix Large Young Male - Playful, energetic and loving. Jack loves to Jump! He’s very friendly and very energetic! He needs someone that can give him a place to run.

Hank Shepherd Mix Large Young Male -  Hank is a very loving dog! He loves everyone and is super playful!

Carol Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) Mix Large SENIOR Female - Carol has a loyal and loving personality. She is obedient and seems to know basic commands.

KK Labrador Retriever Medium Adult Female ADOPTED! Loving and playful. Seems to have a sweet temperament. She is a bit shy of people in her kennel but once she’s out she’s very playful.

Chief Rottweiler  Mix Medium Young Male -   Chief is a sweet boy just waiting for a little attention! Come out and meet this guy, you won’t regret it.  Loving and submissive.

Charlie Lab Mix Medium Young Male -  Charlie has a fun personality he’s super playful and just loves attention. Playful and loving.

 Tucker Shepherd Mix Large Young Male - Submissive. Tucker is new and still pretty scared. He seems very shy of people. It appears as if he’s had no training so he will need a little time and attention.

April Lab Mix Medium SENIOR Female ADOPTED! Loving and calm. April is a very friendly dog. I’m not sure of her age but she’s definitely a senior. She’s very people friendly. She’s just waiting for someone to come and give her a retirement home!


Greenup County Animal Control
Greenup, KY




POSTED 5/23 -  Saving one means saving the life of another who needs space to buy them some time! VERY rescue friendly and can recommend transport if you are not local. Please share this with everyone you know! 

For a complete list of available dogs, check out the shelter's Petango site  - (dogs)  -  (cats)

CONTACT: PH: (270) 685-8275  Email: [email protected]

Offering free spay/neuter for all Pit Bulls Through Oct 31st! Call (270 685-8275! INCOME GUIDELINES APPLY.

To see our available dogs, please check our petfinder link ~  ~ as well as the "available dogs" album under "photos" on our Facebook page. PLEASE SHARE!!!!! THIS IS URGENT!!!!

 Rocky Pit Bull Terrier/Lab Mix Medium Young Male EXTREMELY URGENT! LONGEST SHELTER RESIDENT! HAS $550 in PLEDGES FOR RESCUE! HIS ADOPTION IS FREE DURING THE MONTH OF MAY! HAS BEEN TREATED FOR HEARTWORM! 1 year, 8 months old. Neutered. Rocky is a young heartworm positive boy that is fine with other dogs but is scared in his kennel. Rocky was turned over to the shelter due to no fault of his own he was and unwanted gift.  Rocky is very lovable and very playful, but he sometimes is scared of his own shadow!!
Douglas Pointer Mix Large Adult Male HW POSITIVE! NEEDS DONATIONS/RESCUE! Neutered. Crazy boy.  I am very outgoing and don't show well in my kennel due to my over-excitement at seeing new people. I will need consistent training to teach me my manners, and I am sadly, very high heartworm positive. Needs an active, playful home with lots of activities.
 Becky Pit Bull Terrier/Shepherd Mix Adult Female - AT SHELTER SINCE FEBRUARY! ADOPTION FEE WAIVED DURING MAY! Beautiful 19 month old Becky, a shepherd/ terrier mix lady has been jumping up & down in her kennel trying to get anyone & everyone to see her, and yet she is still stuck in there! Becky is still in her puppy stage, so she will need training to help her learn manners. This sweetie is super friendly, and extremely playful! She is a jumping bean, but totally ignores all cats. Becky is unfortunately starting to get stressed due to being stuck and bored in her kennel every day and is beyond ready for her turn to walk out of the shelter to a new home (or rescue!) for a second chance to play the day away! She gets along with other dogs, kids and cats!

Rocket Boxer/ Lab Mix Large Adult Male HAS BEEN TREATED FOR HEARTWORM!  2 years old. This playful guy loves to clown around and play with his humans, and soak up ALL THE ATTENTION! Rocket ended up at the shelter as a stray, and somehow no one came looking to reclaim this super fella! Rocket is a very good boy, has been tested with cats and seemed to do ok (with all animals, a slow introduction is always best!) Rocket has been with us for a while, and will need a little training as a refresher and to help him be the best dog he can be - but this dude is worth the little extra work!

James Hound Mix Medium Adult Male - 5 years old. Good with children, other dogs and other animals.

Ernie Pit Bull Terrier Mix Medium Young Male ADOPTED!   ERNIE is a young male (approx 9 months) We don't know much about Ernie, because he came in as a stray... Ernie has taught us a few things though - 1. He is good with other dogs. 2. He thinks cats are sketchy and would do best in a home without them. 3. Ernie LOVES to PLAY! Especially tug of war! Ernie is looking for his own personal teacher to "learn him some manners", preferably one with a comfy couch for naps... but mostly someone willing to take this boy for walks, jogs and let him play his little puppy heart out! Ernie is still very much a puppy, and needs to get out of the shelter soon...

 Buster Pit Bull Terrier Mix Large Adult Male - $40 ADOPTION FEE! BLACK BEAUTY!  I'm big boy with lots of strength! I love people and will knock you down accidentally in my excitement to give you kisses. I will need consistent training, regular walks and a strong owner to ensure I mature into a well socialized and well mannered dog. Type of home I'm looking for: An active home with no small children - ages 10 & up would be perfect for him though! I must meet any other dogs living in the home as well! I don't seem to like other dogs very much here at the shelter.

Quincy Pit Bull Terrier Mix Large Young Male -  I'm a beautiful, high energy dog who needs a home with daily jogs! I am very outgoing, very active, and have tons of extra energy I will need consistent training, daily walks and jogs, and lots of toys. Type of home I'm looking for: An active home, older children. I must meet any other dogs living in the home as well! I do get along with other dogs here.

Bandit Catahoula Leopard Dog/Treeing Walker Coonhound Mix Medium Adult Male - 4 years old. Due to his coon dog ancestors, he just may be the loudest dog in the shelter, but don’t let that shy you away from this great boy! Bandit is heartworm negative! Bandit doesn’t play much, he would much rather run and walk around, looking at the world through his gorgeous eyes. (Great dog to spend spring days with walking on the green belt!) Bandit may simply not have been shown how to play in his previous home - who’s knows what this boy can learn in the loving and fun home that has to be out there somewhere!

Mel Domestic Short Hair Calico Medium Adult Female ADOPTED!  6-8+ years old. Spayed. MEL is an older, laid back calico kitty who is looking for a calm, quiet home to call hers! She would do best in a home where she is the only resident queen (she doesn't particular dislike other cats, but she doesn't really like them either. She's just a moody, bossy old thing and she doesn't like to share her space or her humans!) And like all royalty, Mel wants to be pampered and catered to! Mel would prefer a home with no small children (older kids over the age of 10-12 would be fine though) and not a lot of commotion or noise! ...She may have a large list of "demands", but we promise - Mel is well worth it! This is one of the sweetest older cats you'll ever meet!

Jazz Domestic Short Hair SENIOR Female - Jazz is a beautifully marked female torbie that likes to do things her way ;that includes being petted and held when she wants. Her foster said she will do better in a home with no children as she plays too rough . She was found at the court house eating from the garbage can. She is a big, healthy cat that needs a patient person who will give her space. 


4. Hawesville, KY:  ADOPTABLE DOGS!



CONTACT: Email: [email protected] or  PH: (270) 927- 8544 - the shelter line (not staffed 24-7). Please leave a message if there is no answer and we will return your call.
Gidget Treeing Walker Coonhound/Bluetick Coonhound Mix Medium Young Female - 1 year old. HW Negative. Playful, loving, and active.  Gidget is a young girl that has lived most of her life walking from house to house begging for food. She's been alone outside in the cold and hasn't had a family to care for her and love her. Gidget is very happy to see people. She can be a little shy at first sometimes, but then she is ready for attention and treats. Gidget iwould be a great dog to adopt and give her something she's never known, but every dog deserves; LOVE.

 Lilly Dawn Beagle Mix Medium Adult Female - About 3 years old and 40lbs. Total sweetheart Lilly Dawn has won over our shelter director with her friendly personality! She has gotten along well with other dogs both at the shelter and her finder's home. The resident shelter cat seems to scare her. Lilly Dawn will be spayed and current on vaccinations prior to adoption. We're shocked this girl wasn't claimed, but now she can be yours!

SENIOR Female RESCUED! HAS RUPTURED INFECTED GROWTH ON NECK AND ARTHRITIS! 13 years old. Owner surrender. We are keeping her as comfortable as possible and she seems happy. She is currently being treated with antibiotics for the dermatitis around the ruptured infected growth on her neck and Carprophen for arthritis pain.

Skipper Treeing Walker Coonhound Large Adult Male URGENT! NO FEES FOR ADOPTER OR RESCUE! Skipper came into the shelter with both bones in his front left leg broken. He underwent surgery to repair the breaks, wore a pretty blue cast and is now healed! Skipper is an active guy, about 4-5 yrs. old, and he doesn't show his age. This handsome boy has a goofy side that makes everyone he meets him grin and chuckle with happiness. His enthusiasm for life is contagious and his carefree personality lights up every room he enters. He enjoys playing with stuffed toys and playing outside. He likes to play with other dogs; running and jumping with them is his favorite. He also really enjoys cuddling with people and getting attention and is ready to go on long hikes to enjoy the great outdoors with people who love him.  Skipper needs a home with dog savvy cats or no cats at all. He's ready to play and can occasionally get little carried away with chasing small animals because he knows they will be fun to play with if he can catch them. 

 Rebel Treeing Walker Coonhound Large Adult Male ADOPTED! Did everyone forget about me? I've been waiting so long! I need a family. Rebel is quite a social boy that enjoys spending time with his people relaxing and getting some attention. He loves to play with toys and go on rides. Rebel deserves to be spoiled! He was heart worm positive, but was treated July 20th. Rebel just wants a nice family to love all 75 pounds of him while he is resting and relaxing with them during the cold winter season. NO CATS OR SMALL CHILDREN!

Terry Treeing Walker Coonhound Large Young Male RESCUED! Terry is a calm, quiet, laid back boy who is unbelievably sweet. He wags his tail and just watches you from his kennel). This boy has such a sweet soul!  Terry is extremely skinny due to his past living conditions but will do so much better in a home where he can be fed multiple times a day and get some treats to help him gain weight. When Terry meets new dogs he has nice manners and just walks away to show he isn't interested in playing if dogs seem too hyper, etc. He gets excited and acts like he will chase the shelter cat; not aggressively, but he seems like he will definitely chase them. We suggest a home with cat savvy dogs, if any cats are in the same home. 

 Fezzy Foe Jack Russell Terrier/Rat Terrier Mix Small Adult Male ADOPTED! 6 years old, 17lbs. This little nugget is just ready to steal your heart! Festus (Fezzy Foe) is such a cuddler; carry him around and he is the happiest little guy you will meet. He seems to get along fine with other dogs and cats and of course anyone who will let him sit in their lap or share their pillow at night. This little guy will be so happy when he gets to go home with his new family. He desperately wants love (you can see him stick his little nose through the kennel to get love). The shelter is a scary place for a little guy like Festus and he's begging for someone to come adopt him soon.




POSTED  5/22 -

CONTACT: PH: 901-636-1416 (ext. 2) Email: [email protected]
#A303216 Nutmeg Brown/White Medium Adult Female SAFE! HW POSITIVE! 2 years old, 47 lbs. Stray.  I’m a good dog, a little shy in the kennels here, but still a good dog that will make a good pet. I walk nicely on a leash and I’m not reluctant to come out, but I duck when you reach out to pet me. After I’m petted a while I start to snuggle up against you. Once out of these kennels, I’ll make a great affectionate, attentive pet.
#A303223 Carley Black/White Medium Young Female CRITICAL LIST! HW POSITIVE!  NO LONGER POSTED... 9 months old, 40 lbs. Stray. What a pretty girl! Carley is one friendly girl. She walks nicely on a leash with a little pulling if excited. She has the cutest pointy ears, but was determined not to show. Carley sure knows how to sit which she does promptly.
#A303314 Brunswick Tan Adult Male SAFE! HW POSITIVE! 2 years old, 65 lbs. Nice dog, and a strong dog. Walks OK on a leash and when he gets to come out of his kennel, he’d rather play than get petted, but still a friendly dog. Loves to go exploring.

#A303355 Adult Brindle/White Female SAFE! HW POSITIVE! 2 years old, 35 lbs. Stray. 

#A303369 Margo Adult Brindle Female URGENT! HW POSITIVE! 2 years old, 41.9 lbs. Stray. This pretty girl is a bit mystified at her shelter experience. She will take a little time to come out of her shell. She did seem to appreciate attention. Margo walks slowly on a leash, but she will walk! This cutie needs to shed a few, and she is heartworm positive. Margo will need to be treated by her new family.

#A303370 Young Tan/White Male CRITICAL LIST! HW POSITIVE! 1 year old, 40.4 lbs. Stray. Calm gentle frinedly dog that walks nicely on a leash and comes on command. Likes to snuggle and very affectionate. Great dog that would make a great family pet.

#A303372 Duke Gray/White Large Adult Male CRITICAL LIST! HW POSITIVE! 2 years old, 51.6 lbs. Stray.  I’m a strong and high energy dog that’s friendly and playful. I am big and don’t know my own strength and I come out of the kennel with gusto - are you ready for me??

#A303426 Puppy Pup Black Medium Young Female SAFE! HW POSITIVE! 6 months old, 44 lbs. Owner surrender.  I’m a very shy and apprehensive doggie. I’m really scared here and I’m most comfortable staying in my kennel. I do, however, like to be petted and will warm up to you after a short time.

#A303449 Brown/White Male CRITICAL LIST! HW POSITIVE! 6 years old, 61.7 lbs, HW POSITIVE!  Big strong dog that comes out of the kennel with enthusiasm and pulls hard on the leash. Friendly dog that likes being petted and exploring. Even though he is thin, he does well with treats and is not food aggressive. He needs some TLC.  Confiscated due to an eviction.

#A303495 Black/White Adult Male CRITICAL  LIST! HW POSITIVE! 2 years, 42 lbs.  Stray. I pulled hard on the leash and then when I got outside I did my business immediately. I enjoyed treats that were offered, and I was a little reserved in personality.
#A303571 Fancy Brindle/White Adult Female CRITICAL LIST! HW POSITIVE! 3 years old, 35lbs.  Stray.
#A303611 Brown Female Young Female CRITICAL LIST! 1 year old, 45 lbs, HW NEGATIVE. Stray.

#A303627 Brown/White Large Adult Female CRITICAL LIST! HAS DEMODEX MANGE! 2 years old, 46 lbs. Stray.

#A303710 Amelia Brown/White Young Female CRITICAL LIST! HW POSITIVE! STARTED GETTING HEAD TREMORS IN SHELTER! 1 year, 38.4 lbs. Stray.

#A303768 Storm Gray/White Medium Young Female CRITICAL LIST! 1 year old, 39.5 lbs, HW NEGATIVE. Stray.

#A303791 Ananda Brindle Female CRITICAL LIST! HW POSITIVE!  2 years old, 48.8 lbs. Stray. Sweet and attentive girl. I walked very nicely on my leash. I followed my new friend around everywhere they went! I just loved getting to know my new human friend. The volunteer did a 20 minute clicker session with me and I did great! I seem to know how to sit, lie down, and touch when asked. I loved the treat that were given to me. I'm not to found of my kennel neighbors, I become a little timid when I had to walk by them. I would love a family who can give me the love I need and allow me to love them!
#A303826 Spotty Adult White/Black Female SAFE! HAS FEMUR AND PELVIC FRACTURES & SKIN LESIONS! NEEDS NEURO CONSULT!  2 years old, 50 lbs. HW NEGATIVE. Owner surrender. Good sweet dog who would make a great family pet once she is back on her feet.

#A303835 Tan/White NEUTERED Adult Male CRITICAL LIST! NEEDS FHO! 3 years old, 77 lbs. Stray.

#A303879 Brown/White Adult Male CRITICAL LIST! HW POSITIVE!  2 years old, 60 lbs, stray.
#A303965 Bo Mixed Breed Brindle Large SENIOR Male URGENT!  Calm, independent boy. A little skittish around volunteer at first, but once I got used to her, I enjoyed getting to know her. I loved the treats that she gave me. I’m a pretty chill guy who didn’t really care about the other dogs around me. If you are looking for a calm, reserved kind of dog - I’m the one for you!
#A303977 Diesel Black/Tan Adult Male CRITICAL LIST! 7 years, 65 lbs. Owner surrender!

A303978 Beeber Mixed Breed Large Adult Male CRITICAL LIST! HAS FEMORAL HEAD FRACTURE! Neutered. 2 years old, 57lbs. Stray.

#A303987 Robert White/Black Male Adult Male CRITICAL LIST! HW POSITIVE! 2 years old, 58.2 lbs. Stray.


#A304154 BELLA Tan/White Adult Female - MOMMA & 9 Puppies SPECIAL PLEA!! HAS GUNSHOT WOUND TO HEAD! Bella is 2 years old and weighs 48lbs. Owner surrender. Located offsite at vet.

A302718 Otis Domestic Short Hair Orange Adult Female - Spayed.
 A303063 Lucky Domestic Short Hair White and Chocolate Adult Male - Neutered.

A303891 Pegasus Domestic Short Hair Brown Tabby SENIOR Male - Neutered.

#A303891 Regina Domestic Short Hair Brown Tabby BABY Female -

 #A303829 Sasha Domestic Short Hair Calico Mix Young Female - Spayed.

#A304027 Fifi Domestic Short Hair White BABY Female -

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