URGENTS APRIL 22, 2017




UPDATE 4/14  MORE INTAKE TODAY! Transport help is available to rescue groups.  Owner Surrenders, Russell County Dogs and Cats HAVE NO HOLD TIME! Offers of sponsorship are greatly appreciated and may make it possible for rescues to step up for animals that they wouldn't otherwise be able to help. 
CONTACT:  PH: (606) 679-6432 - Charlotte Bray -  [email protected] -  If you would like to be a foster until a permanent home is found, please email Ellie Grant at [email protected]


Pulaski County's URGENT DOGS ALBUM!!





#106 Lucy Belle  Shepherd/Cattle Dog Mix Adult Female URGENT!  6 years old. 45 pounds. Already spayed. Lucy Belle is very scared and shy. Will open up to right person.

#104 Cora American Bulldog  Mix Adult Female IN FOSTER - NEEDS RESCUE!! $55 PLEDGED FOR RESCUE! 4 years old. 45 pounds. Very sweet and friendly.

#208 Mason American Bulldog Mix Adult Male URGENT! $20 pledged for rescue! 2 years old. 60 pounds. Stocky boy!

#207 Mooku Pit Bull Terrier Young Male URGENT! HAS $10 PLEDGE FOR RESCUE! 1 year old. 40 pounds. He is a bit reserved but friendly.

#201 Beckham Boxer/Pit Bull Terrier  Mix Young Male URGENT! HAS $35 PLEDGE FOR RESCUE! 1 year old, 50 pounds. Sweet boy. Very Good Boy with lots of energy.

#206 Jet Labrador Retriever Adult Male URGENT! HAS $60 PLEDGE FOR RESCUE! 3 years old, 60 pounds. Sweet boy. A little bit shy, but friendly.

Raymond Pit Bull Terrier Mix EXTREMELY URGENT!  HAS $1100 PLEDGE TO RESCUE! 3 years old. 55 pounds. Raymond is a sweet, friendly, energetic boy who has been in foster since August. He is crate and house trained, knows "sit" command, UTD on shots and neutered. He is good with other dogs. He is friendly and likes people.

 #52 Colfax Border Collie/Pit Bull Terrier Mix Adult Male - HAS $90 in PLEDGES! Neutered. 2 years old. 40 pounds. Colfax has an adorable set of ears and a nice demeanor. Colfax has been waiting in foster for a very long time (since October 2016). He is a neutered male. Good with other dogs. Very playful and happy. He is about 60 pounds and maybe a year old. Colfax needs a home or rescue.


Greenup, KY: URGENT! Available Dogs/Puppies/Cats/Kittens!

POSTED 4/22  SHELTER FULL!! Please SHARE this album so that a forever home can be found for each of the innocent animals. Very rural shelter. Adoption fee is $10! Limited transportation assistance is available. No pull fee available to reputable rescues.

CONTACT:   PH: (606) 473-5711  Email: [email protected] Transportation assistance is available to rescues by contacting Bev at PH: (304) 962-0067


Marsha Pit Bull Terrier Female - Marsha was dumped in our outside area. Marsha has several injuries on her body including the top of her head and both ears. Marsha is very friendly and kind.
 Kennel 46, with Unique ID 2017-77 Samuel German Shepherd SENIOR Male LONG TIMER! This is Samuel and he is an older German Shepherd that was surrendered to the shelter after his owner was no longer able to care for him due to owner's own health issues and age. Arrived on March 10, 2017. He weighs 78.4 pounds and is an older gentleman. Samuel appears to have some issue in his hip area, not sure if arthritis or something else. He is very kind and gentle, but he is not used to a leash. Samuel needs out of the shelter environment as he is very sad inside of the shelter but brightens up a lot once he is in the outside play area. Please share Samuel so that he can find a forever home/rescue.
Kennel 13, Unique ID 2017-59. Bandit Adult Male - LONG TIMER! Arrived on February 16, 2017. Bandit weighs 40.7 pounds and has an area on his rear that can be removed during his neuter. Bandit has beautiful blue eyes. Bandit is very friendly and gentle.

Kennel 3, Unique ID 2017-90  Gidget  Domestic Short Hair Female RESCUED! HEAVILY PREGNANT! Arrived on March 21, 2017, Owner surrender. Needs a foster or a rescue that is interested in pulling Gidget. Shelter has several pregnant cats at this time and they do not have any cat rescues, but are wanting to build upon rescues.

  Kennel 11, ID 2017-136 Dustin Labrador Retriever Male - Dustin weighs 42lbs.

 Jake Mountain Cur Mix Adult Male - Jake was surrendered and is a year and a half of age. Weighs 46.9 pounds.

 Cage 5,  ID 2017-95. Jasmine Domestic Short Hair Black and White Female - Jasmine arrived after she and her 4 kittens were picked up on Route 2. She is looking for a forever home and will need to be spayed. Jasmine is very friendly.


Greenup County Animal Control
Greenup, KY




POSTED 4/24  Saving one means saving the life of another who needs space to buy them some time! VERY rescue friendly and can recommend transport if you are not local. Please share this with everyone you know! 

For a complete list of available dogs, check out the shelter L's Petango site  - (dogs)  -  (cats)

CONTACT: PH: (270) 685-8275  Email: [email protected]

To see our available dogs, please check our petfinder link ~  ~ as well as the "available dogs" album under "photos" on our Facebook page. PLEASE SHARE!!!!! THIS IS URGENT!!!!


Please share our Petango website for a list of available dogs and cats. We update that site daily so keep checking back often.
 Woody Border Collie Mix Medium Adult Male RESCUED! WOODY is an adorable Border Collie who came into the shelter after weeks of attempted capture. Due to his craftiness, he is ONLY going to be allowed to go to a rescue or to an adopter who is experienced with his breed. This handsome young fella (he's right around a year old, no more than a year and a half) has has way too much Border Collie in him for his own good (i.e. he's super smart!) Woody spent several weeks evading capture for 2 reasons: 1) He knew if a human got close enough to pet him, then he would be caught, so he would happily run off any time someone came within eyesight and 2) He can clear a 7 foot privacy fence in one easy, effortless leap...and he laughs hysterically at tiny 4 ft chain link fences! What Woody needs is a home VERY experienced with the Border Collie breed, and an agility trainer home would simply be heaven for him. Woody is very intelligent (it's almost like looking into a human's eyes when you look into his), very mischievous, and VERY independent (i.e. hardheaded). He will need strict diligence in taking him outside on a leash, preventing him from running out the door, and likely from breaking out a screen. This happy-go-lucky scoundrel loves to roam, thrives off of running, jogging, and jumping, and gets along well with other dogs.

  Jacques Pit Bull Terrier Medium SENIOR  Male EXTREMELY URGENT! RUNNING OUT OF TIME! Is there any hope for this guy? JACQUES was brought into the shelter by the police after he jumped out of a window and was found wandering the street. This poor guy was quite thin, his nails were extremely overgrown, most of the hair along his back was missing, and he seemed confused and scared. Jacques is a great dog, but he is not for the first time owner and will require a strong leader and some basic training. He appears to have some separation anxiety and is nervous when meeting new people (especially men)...we like to refer to him as a diamond in the rough! Once you get this guy to warm up and feel comfortable, his personality really starts to peek through. Jacques doesn't seem to be interested in toys, but rather prefers just lounging around and relaxing, getting rubbed on, and soaking up the sunshine. Although he can be playful and energetic at times, he really is just a quiet couch potato and would love nothing more than snuggling beside his human on the sofa. We are guessing this handsome fella to be about 9 or 10 years old and weighs roughly 60 pounds.

Hulk Pit Bull Terrier Medium Adult Male RESCUED!  2 years old, 50lbs. neutered. Fun and friendly, extremely playful. Hulk didn't get his name due to his size (only 50 pounds) but because he's INCREDIBLE! This cutie is simply adorable both inside and out and we can't understand how he ended up at the shelter! This sweet, playful boy adores everyone he meets (except those who are classified under the feline family)...he's great with kids, loves other dogs and friendly with everyone he meets.

Kiki Pit Bull Terrier Medium SENIOR Female RESCUED! NEGLECTED! SWEET!  10 years old. Great with dogs, cats and kids. Starved for love and TLC. Snuggle bug. Super smart. You talk about a sweetheart. Kiki (or, Kiki-Dee as I like to call her) may look rough around the edges, but she’s the total package. Sweet, loving. Give her a stable home life with a warm bed, regular roof over her head, food in her belly, and youll see how rewarding she is to have as a friend. Kiki Dee will never 'go breakin' your heart.

 Moose Domestic Short Hair Mix Extra Large Adult Male - Meet Owensboro's version of "Grumpy Cat". Moose is a plump, sassy, independent, opinionated & talkative trickster. He absolutely does not believe HE should have to share his humans, his surroundings, or his belongings with any other cat (or dog). He LOVES to be around people, but on HIS terms (meaning if he wants you to love on him, he will choose the time and place.)  Moose is a hoot, and we love him dearly. We are determined to find him THE purr-fect home. This home will understand this feline's attitude, will accept that their home now belongs to him, and will love him unconditionally on HIS terms. This home will also only want one pet, and will keep Moose on a special diet as he is prone to bladder infections and stones.

Margaret Lab/Coonhound Mix Large Adult Female RESCUED! HW+ NO INTEREST IN HER! Margaret will need a very special home, as she's not too fond of other dogs, cats, other animals...BUT LOVES humans and thinks kids are the greatest thing since potato chips! Margaret will need to be an only pet, and must have diligent, observant humans who will make sure she isn't allowed around other dogs or cats! (A harness and leash will be just fine - so long as the human on the other end has a good grip on it.) Margaret is also Heartworm positive. EXTREMELY QUIET... NO YOWLING) LOVES PEOPLE, ESPECIALLY KIDS, PERFECT FIT FOR ONE-PET FAMILIES 2 YR, 7 MO OLD FEMALE CUTEST FLOPPY EARS ON EARTH SPAYED, MICROCHIPPED, VACCINES CURRENT.

 Sky Pit Bull Terrier Large Adult Male EXTREMELY URGENT! ZERO INTEREST! 1.5 years old. Neutered. Has lived with small dogs and children. A little too curious about cats. Scared in kennel, but warms up quickly. Just a big, strong baby.  LOVES TO RUN, PLAY, SUNBATHE, & SMELL THE ROSES. KNOWS SOME COMMANDS (Sit, Paw). WALKS WELL ON TRAINING COLLAR AND NOW, AFTER WORK, EVEN A REGULAR LEASH.
Ben Pit Bull Terrier SENIOR Male URGENT! RESCUE ONLY DUE TO HEALTH ISSUES! Ben arrived at the shelter as you see him - an older dog who is covered in skin issues and growths. We do not think his owners intentionally mistreated him, as he has obviously been fed well and loved. With that being said...this guy needs a rescue ASAP!! Bloodwork is being considered to rule out auto immune disorders, and the vet also recommends biopsies of the growths, all of which require funds we often don't have. Ben also has the beginning stages of cataracts. The good news? He is heartworm NEGATIVE! This guy deserves a life free from the misery he has lived with for a very long time. Surely there's a rescue willing to take on this handsome boy??
Oreo Australian Shepherd Mix Medium Adult Female URGENT! HEADSTRONG AUSSIE WITH DIAGNOSED EPILEPSY!!! WOULD PREFER SHE GO TO A RESCUE GROUP! Oreo lived outside her whole life, but would desperately love to be an indoor dog. She was surrendered because she was barking to come in, and the neighbors were beginning to complain. She is very affectionate, attentive, and you can see the intelligence in her soulful brown eyes! Oreo will need a home with no other dogs or cats, but she absolutely loves children! An epileptic dog experienced home is preferred!

Alice Domestic Short Hair Medium Adult Female & Tinker Domestic Short Hair Medium Adult Male   Bonded Siblings Medium Adults EXTREMELY URGENT! BONDED SIBLINGS! QUIET HOME ONLY $30 ADOPTION FEE FOR BOTH to approved home!  6 years old, never been separated - NOT doing well in the shelter!! We need to get these 2 innocent souls into a quiet home where they can decompress and relax!