CONTACT: [email protected]  PH: (440) 326-5995


Kennel 12 Jane Female -  NEEDS OUT! LONGEST SHELTER RESIDENT! Still lactating! Sweet and pretty girl! She was obviously thrown away by her previous 'owner' after they got what they wanted from her. Let's show her that she's precious and worthy of a loving family. Walks well on a leash.

Kennel 1 Female URGENT! WHY IS THIS DOG STILL HERE! Affectionate, smart, friendly, and here she sits... at the kennel for weeks now, and we just can't figure it out. Maybe it's because we spend more time getting to know the dogs than just walking down the isle and "window shopping" like some adopters do, but from the bottom of my heart, I'm asking you to come spend some time today and hangout with this pretty girl in Kennel #1. Homeless, underweight, one of the longest residents, and such a nice dog... she needs OUT!!!

Lorain County Dog Kennel
Elyria, OH


*****************************************************************************************************UPDATE 7/19 NEED RESCUES & FOSTERS TO SAVE LIVES!! Animals at Lincoln County Animal Shelter are only guaranteed 7 days. After their 7 day hold, they are at risk of being PTS. Therefore, they are considered urgent at all times.  All rescues must pay the full adoption fee for each dog! This does cover the spay/neuter surgery and rabies vaccine Please consider adopting or sponsoring and adoption. If you would like to donate the volunteers PayPal link is PayPal.Me/LCASvolunteers1 any amount is appreciated! Please help us by networking these sweet babies. Transport and vetting arranged by volunteers.

CONTACT: EMAIL ONLY PLEASE! [email protected] or visit the Lincoln County Animal Shelter located at 341 Workhouse Rd, Stanford, KY 40484.  



Judge Executive Jimbo Adams & Dog Warden David Snyder sleep very well at night. They are very cold, callous & calculated. It is solely about the money. They have found a way to pull on the heartstrings of the community's animal lovers all while generating revenue. The killings are to keep everyone reminded of just who is in charge. Ignorance is in charge. Greed is in charge. Corruption is in charge. Plus they need the money to offset whatever the financial cost to the county will be when they both are found guilty for not doing their job regarding the Pope dogs since they are both specifically named as defendants in a pending lawsuit. Jimbo has given David Snyder the freedom to run the shelter as he sees fit. For someone who can barely speak (David) with less than a marginal ability to deal with the public, and as someone who breeds hunting dogs & wanted no ordinance to apply to him or his hunting dogs, you cannot have it both ways. The county has left their real job to the volunteers who go above and beyond, making sure as many animals are safe as possible. While Jimbo kicks back at his desk, David enjoys killing - it is in his blood. (I label him as vicious as he labels and chooses who lives and dies...) either by hunting or by needle, it's his enjoyment. Until you vote out those who have no conscience and an alternate agenda, you will have to deal with this garbage.

Here is judge adams' email and Phone number - He is one of the people who makes the decisions about the shelter.

Email: [email protected]
Ph: (606) 365-2534

 He also has a google listing!! Make an account and leave a review!!
#282 Rufus Pitty/Bulldog Mix Adult Male EXTREMELY URGENT! 2 years old, 47lbs. Goofy boy. Dog and kid friendly.

#289 Lafe Lab/Husky/Collie Mix Young Male URGENT! 1 year old, 43lbs. Dog and kid friendly.

#290 Leonard Beagle Adult Male URGENT! 3 years old, 25lbs. Calm. Dog and kid friendly.

#294 Libby Beagle/Shepherd Mix Young Female URGENT! 1 year old, 36lbs. Adorable! Isn’t she the cutest! Dog and kid friendly.

#291 LIddy Collie Mix Young Female URGENT! 1 year old, 28lbs. Hyper. This little sweetie will be our shadow. She is very smart as well as dog and kid friendly.

 #207 Lamar Brindle Pit Bull Terrier Adult Male KILLED BY THE SHELTER...R.I.P.  1.5 years old, 53lbs. Typical loving pitty.

  #215 Wonder Women Pit Bull Terrier Adult Female KILLED BY THE SHELTER...R.I.P. ! 6 years old, 47lbs. Would be best with older children and no female dogs in the household. NEEDS RESCUE AND FOSTER NOW!

 #219 Thor Mixed Breed Adult Male KILLED BY THE SHELTER...R.I.P.  2 years old, 48lbs. Bundle of joy. Dog and kid friendly. Gentle.





CONTACT: PH:  (859) 643-3647  Email: [email protected] or [email protected]


Shorty Jack Russell Terrier/Beagle Mix RESCUED! Shorty came in with Mochie  and are kind of a bonded pair. Shorty  is good with other dogs, no cats and would prefer a home with no kids. He is kind of timid right now and we are working with him. He is house trained.

Moochie  Pit Bull Terrier/Lab Mix Medium Adult Male - About 5 years old. Housetrained, good with kids, good with dogs, but not good with cats. Mochie was an owner surrender. He is a good dog. When he came in, he was growling and scared to death. He was so protective over his family the didn't know what to do when they left him. Now, after him getting used to the shelter,he is the sweetest thing ever. He loves to be loved on and played with. He has a fairly large scar on him because when he was born his mom tried to kill him.

LuLu Black and Tan Coonhound Mix Medium Adult Female - 2-5 years old. LuLu she is good with other dogs and children but not sure about cats but we can test her with them. She isn't like a normal hound. She isn't jumpy or excited. She is very calm and submissive. Lulu has had a rough life being bred to death and dumped over our shelter fence after hours. she is looking for a new home.

Rocky Border Collie/American Staffordshire Terrier Mix Medium Adult Male - 2 years old. Rocky is good with other dogs and loves children. he is not good with cats. Housebroken and neutered.  Rocky has had a rough life. He was  living with people who didn't feed him and let him roam. Rocky is getting fattened up now. He is super sweet and deserves a family that cares.

Fat Boy Pit Bull Terrier Mix Large Adult Male - Neutered, housetrained, good with kids, good with dogs, but not good with cats. Don't let this jug head scare you! This is Fat Boy. He is a good calm guy. He is good with dogs, kids but not cats. He is a very sweet dog. This is his third time in the shelter. The owners would never keep him from wandering. This time they didn't come back for him. We were told he was 4-5 years old but may be a little older. Please give this boy a second chance.

Bonnie Australian Cattle Dog/Catahoula Mix Large Adult Female - 2 years old, merle, spayed, housetrained, good with kids, good with dogs, and good with cats. Bonnie was rescued from a kill shelter where she and her brother Clyde found themselves homeless. She is good with other dogs cats and loves children, she has less energy than Clyde but she still has some play in her, Bonnie is a sweet heart.

Clyde Australian Cattle Dog/Catahola Mix Large Adult Male - 2 years old. Clyde was rescued from a kill shelter where he and his sister Bonnie found themselves homeless. He is good with other dogs, cats and children. Clyde is house broken. He has a ot of energy, but eventually calms down. Clyde was surrendered to the shelter because the owners traveled for work. please adopt him.



CONTACT: PH: (606) 297-7387 or Email: [email protected] 

The Johnson County Animal Shelter needs your help! This past week the shelter took in 13 kittens, 5 adult cats (four borderline feral or straight out feral), 13 adult dogs and three pups. We are now at capacity even after doing multiple transports last week.

We are fortunate that right now through donations from our community and utilizing a "Rescue Bank" program, the shelter has enough food and litter to care for these animals as well as the animals that we already were housing.

What the shelter needs now is your help in paying for the monthly costs of maintaining the shelter and medical care for the animals who come in neglected, abandoned or as strays.
I'm sitting here getting ready to pay bills for the shelter and at times it is overwhelming.

I've included on this post the bills the utility bills that are due for this month. On average, these bills represent the costs we incur each month with the exception of the Rescue Bank costs and Midwest Vet Supply bills. Depending on what we have on hand those costs vary. We also have to purchase supplies such as detergent, bleach, paper towels, garbage bags and gloves. We buy the cheapest possible of all of these items.

Also not included is the cost of transporting the animals. This also varies. Sometimes we have had three transports to Lexington in one week as well as trips to the vet. The cost of gasoline adds up very quickly.
The current vet bill is $2158.72.

Payroll averages around $4000-$5000 per month (This includes payroll taxes.) for five part-time employees including the shelter manager. Of the five, two employees average only 10 hours per week. Every employee makes minimum wage and hours are kept at a minimum to what is needed to provide the care for the animals.

We depend on you to help us maintain this shelter. Without your help, it can't be done.

So, on average the cost to run the Johnson County Animal Shelter this past month was $8532.73.

We receive $21000 from the Johnson County Fiscal Court per YEAR and $6000 from the City of Paintsville per year. The shelter receives reimbursement for some vetting expenses from the many rescues who give these animals a chance at forever homes.

The rest comes from the many fundraisers we have and mostly from donations from YOU.

I know that you won't let these precious animals down. Please if you can spare anything at all it would help so much.

You can donate via Paypal at: [email protected], by stopping by the shelter or one of our fundraising events or by mail at: JCAS/WOW-Post Office Box 1313-Paintsville, KY 41240.

Also, donations to pay the vet bill can be called in to Highland Vet Clinic at 606-789-1195.

Please share and help us help them.

Queenie Young Female - Queenie is a bit shy but sweet. She weighs 44 lbs and is 19 inches tall. We estimate that she is between 8 months-1 year old. She does well with other dogs.

Bandit Adult Male - This boy is very energetic! Bandit is very playful, friendly and does well with other dogs. He weighs 48.10 lbs and is 18 inches tall. We estimate that Bandit is around 18 months old.
Leo Adult Male - This guy is a true gentleman! Leo is very well behaved and can shake your hand. He is mellow, friendly and good with other dogs. Leo weighs 63.2 lbs and is 22 inches tall. We estimate Leo to be around 2 years old.
Johnson County Kentucky Animal Shelter
Paintsville, KY



CONTACT: Email: gras[email protected] -  PH: (270) 385-9655

Chigger Young Female - Chigger came is a stray she is around a year old. she is a little shy at first the she is all over you....she is great with other dogs and walks on a leash, $50.00 adoption fee pays for her to be spayed at our local vet.

Mary Kate and Ashley Golden Retriever Mixes Young Females - Sisters who are a little over a year old. They are quiet and friendly girls, laid back and never bark. Both are great on a leash. Would love for them to go to a home together. $ 50.00 each pays for them to be adopted at our local vet.

Lilly Rat Terrier/Feist Mix Young Female - Lilly is a wild child - always on the go and busy busy busy. She is almost a year old and UTD on all shots. Housebroken. $50 adoption fee pays for her to be spayed at our local vet.

Logan Domestic Short Hair Male - Logan is really scared at the shelter. He isn't too social, but he would make a great barn cat for someone... $30.00 adoption fee pays for him to be neutered at our local vet.

Green River Animal Shelter
Columbia, KY