URGENTS APRIL 19th, 2017



UPDATE 4/27  NEW INTAKE!   Transport/Vetting/Boarding assistance can be provided. NO PULL FEE ON CATS FOR RESCUE!

CONTACT: Adoptions: PH: (606) 723-3587 (they cannot return long distance phone calls - try back if you don't reach anyone - Email: [email protected] or visit the shelter directly at 50 Ginter Road, Ravenna, KY 40472
If you are with RESCUE and want to help, please e-mail [email protected] 
If you would like to SPONSOR a dog or cat, please e-mail [email protected]

CTL 463 Peyton Adult Male SAFE! 2 years old, 32lbs., OWNER SURRENDER. Peyton is a charming guy. He is sweet-natured, has a kind and loving demeanor, is GOOD WITH OTHER DOGS, and has such a big heart and a lot of love to give. Peyton would make the perfect companion for someone out there. Please consider this handsome guy!

CTL 82 Husky Domestic Short Hair Grey Young URGENT! About 1 year old, gender unknown. Husky is quite scared right now so gender could not be determined upon intake. He/she is very pretty and the stress of the shelter is not helping Husky. Can someone give Husky a chance to come around?




POSTED 4/7   Though the shelters try very hard to not euthanize eventually they have to euthanize dogs and cats on this list that are not getting any interest to make space.  So please do not think all the animals on our list are safe, they are not. HBW posts animals in need of rescue on behalf of 4 different facilities in the areas of Quincy, IL and Hannibal, MO. Transportation is available to your desired location!

CONTACT: Email: [email protected]

Just a reminder that HBW, Inc does not perform adoptions, we only do shelter to shelter transfers. Therefore all animals posted are sitting in a kennel somewhere; ie shelter or boarding facility, no closer to their forever home.

In need of rescue but not listed:  Mokie, Nilly, Desiree, and Loki. and Ladybug!

 Sadie Basset Hound/Golden Retriever/Hound Mix SENIOR Female URGENT!  Sadie is still looking for her forever home. She may be 14 years young but she loves to take strolls and smell the roses. She tends to nap a lot and really is not a high maintenance dog. The only thing she requires is a home all to herself (no dogs, no cats). She would love to have a soft, warm bed to lay her head on for whatever time she has left. Sadie is super sweet and loves to take strolls to smell the roses. She is spayed, heartworm negative and current on rabies, distemper/parvo and Bordetella.

Tux Domestic Short Hair Young Male ADOPTED! FIV/LEUK NEG, NEUTERED, MC, ALL VACCINES.  9 months old. We don’t know much about Tux’s background.  The former City of Quincy Animal Shelter was shut down July 2016.  A very long story but the vet who owned the facility was able to keep the animals but did not have a Dept of Ag license to adopt. Tux is one of 44 cats that have been in this facility the last 7 months.  Late January 2017 the vet agreed to surrender all of the animals to HBW for placement to rescue.  The good news is they are all healthy and friendly and though they have been “locked away” for 7 months they clearly were taken care of. Tux is very sweet and loves to chase his image around in a mirror. He is fine with other cats.  Tux is neutered, FIV/Leuk tested negative, microchipped and current on rabies and FVRCP. 

Gilligan Domstic Short Hair Young Male URGENT! FIV/LEUK NEG, NEUTERED, ALL VACCINES.  1 year old. We don’t know much about Gilligan’s background.  The former City of Quincy Animal Shelter was shut down July 2016.  A very long story but the vet who owned the facility was able to keep the animals but did not have a Dept of Ag license to adopt. Gilligan is one of 44 cats that have been in this facility the last 7 months.  Late January 2017 the vet agreed to surrender all of the animals to HBW for placement to rescue.  The good news is they are all healthy and friendly and though they have been “locked away” for 7 months they clearly were taken care of. Gilligan is very skittish and will need some work as he will hide with new people around. He is fine with other cats.  Gilligan is neutered, FIV/Leuk tested negative  and current on rabies and FVRCP.  

Elsa  Lab/Retriever Mix Adult Female URGENT! HW POSITIVE, SPAYED, ALL VACCINES.  3 years old. Elsa brought in as a stray July 2016 and was not reclaimed nor has been adopted.   She is very friendly with people and typical goofy Lab acting.  She needs to learn some basic obedience.   She did not do so well on the dog assessment.  She was very stiff and growling. She did not actually try to fight but if the dog she was tested with had been reactive I think the fight would have been on.  We did walk her with another dog and she relaxed some but kept a very watchful eye on the other dog. She also appears to be dog food aggressive, but has not shown signs of being food aggressive with people.  Not sure if she is dog reactive or if she needs some major decompression time as she has been locked up for 7 months. She is spayed, and current on rabies, DHPPL and Bordetella. She did test heartworm positive though. Again, she is super friendly and goofy with people.

Nash American Pit Bull Terrier/Viszla(?) Mix Young Male IN FOSTER HOME! NEUTERED, M/C, ALL VACCINES. 7.5 months old., 33 lbs. Nash is an owner surrender as they stated they didn’t have time for him.  He is a complete sweetheart and a lovebug!!!  He is good with other dogs as he was living with a Pit/ Old English Bulldog and a Boston Terrier. He goes to doggy daycare and plays with the other dogs every day.   He is good with kids as he was living with a 3 yr old. We introduced him to the cats and he was like the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz…. he was brave until he actually saw them and they didn’t even move.  I think if any of the cats would have moved Nash would have passed out from fear.  He has the typical, I just want to be with a person, pittie personality. The photo is misleading as he is small.  He is ~ 33 lbs.  He does need to gain weight but won’t weigh much more than 40 – 45 lbs.  He has a pit head with a very lean body frame.  He is learning basic commands and is housebroken.

Orion Beagle / Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler Mix Adult Male URGENT!  VISION IMPAIRED!  1.5 years old. Orion was brought in as a stray and never reclaimed.  He is a very sweet little guy as he is less than 15 inches tall. We were told he has some sort of retina issue.  He appears to be vision impaired but not totally blind as he is able to maneuver around items.   He is intact and will be heartworm tested and vaccinated for rabies, DHPPL and Bordetella prior to transport.  He is a very quite and mild mannered dog and is good with other dogs.

Mokie Lab/American Pit Bull Terrier Mix URGENT!  HW POSITIVE! ALL VACCINES. Mokie was brought in as a stray Jan 5th. She had clearly had puppies prior to this.  We are guessing she was dumped after the puppies were weaned as no one came looking for her.  We don’t know why as she is SUPER friendly and well mannered. She knows sit and wait and LOVES to play fetch.   She is good with kids. She is fine with dogs but honestly has no interest in being with them. She is very much a people dog and just wants to be with people.  She will chase cats.   She is not spayed.

UPDATE 4/25 
Adoption fee on any available animal is $20. All rescues that are 501(c)3 tax exempt will not be charged a pull fee but must present a copy of their tax exempt status.

CONTACT: PH: (606) 256-1833   Email: [email protected]




Rusty (K12) Black Mouth Cur Mix Adult Male RESCUED! LONG TIMER! Rusty is about 1 1/2 years old and he is friendly/shy. High energy, won't tolerate a leash. Friendly and happy.

Brady Boxer Mix Adult Male URGENT! About 1 1/2 years old. He is an owner surrender and he is a little scared of the shelter setting. Brady would be an excellent dog if someone would be willing to show him some love and time.

Holly Shar-Pei Mix Adult Female EXTREMELY URGENT! About 2 years old and weighs 28 to 30lbs. She was brought to us by a gentleman that found her after someone had dropped her out on Burnt Ridge Rd. Holly is a sweet girl and is a little shy and likes to stay by herself.

 Trixie Lab Mix Young Female EXTREMELY URGENT! Trixie came to us after her owner had passed and the family was unable to keep her. Trixie is only 6 months old and she is very sweet. She loves everybody and does not meet a stranger.

  Misty Lab Mix Young Female EXTREMELY URGENT! 6 months old. Misty came to the shelter after her owner had passed away and the family could not keep her She is a super friendly girl that loves attention and would make a great family pet. She is very large for her age and she needing someone to love her forever!

   Cooper Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) Mix Adult Male ADOPTED! Cooper was surrendered by his owner because they could no longer provide for him.. He is 2 years old and he has been neutered. Cooper gets along great with other dogs and would make a great companion.

Champ Pit Bull Terrier Mix Male EXTREMELY URGENT! Champ came to us as a stray and he is now looking for a new home. He is a very laid back dog in general but has shown some slight aggression to some women that have been here at the shelter.

 Nikki Pit Bull Mix Adult Female EXTREMELY URGENT! Nikki was brought to the shelter and she is desperately seeking a new home. She is a very sweet girl that loves attention. Nikki is about 2-3 years old and would love to have a home just like yours!

Rockcastle County Animal shelter
Mount Vernon, KY




POSTED 4/11  This weekend's intake filled the shelter. Many strays so IF you are missing a dog, please visit the shelter! Zeus is our featured dog but Louie, Tess, Rosie, Skittles, Hank, Josie and Kylie (all previous featured) still need homes. Shelter is rescue and adopter friendly in and out of state.

 CONTACT: PH: (859) 737-0053 Email: [email protected] or Email: [email protected]

Dallas Beagle/Boxer Mix ? Medium Adult Male SAFE!  Dallas is years old. He is good with other dogs with some puppy play and adult behavior. He is good on a leash and so sweet. Although we don't know his breed, he reminded our volunteer of her 1st childhood dog which was a boxer/beagle. Dallas is a charmer, pleaser and needs a family to love and be loved.

 Bailey Lab/Border Collie Mix Medium Young Male  SAFE! 1 year old. Bailey is a sweet dog that was surrendered because his owner was moving. Bailey is shy at first but then very sweet and playful. Bailey has been in a home with children and other dogs. He is a very sweet boy that loves back scratches and baby talk.

Baby Domestic Short Hair Medium Adult Female - Baby and Tiger have an adoption sponsorship if they are adopted together. However, they can be adopted separately. Baby (pictured) is a nurturing female adult.   Both are loving cats.

Skittles Boxer Mix Medium Young Female - DEAF!  1 year old. Abandoned near Dollar General Store with note taped to her collar. She has been at the shelter a long time. She is an active 1 year old that spends her time in her kennel barking at the sights around her. When she is out of the kennel, she is playful and loved the camera. PLEASE share with rescues that have experiences with dogs that are deaf!

Herman Domestic Short Hair Orange Male ??- Herman is still at the shelter. This guy tries to play the tough guy but once you rub his chin then he is a lovebug! Don't let his "bug off" look scare you. He is just trying to survive in a difficult situation.