UPDATE 1/3 Transport/Vetting/Boarding assistance can be provided. NO PULL FEE ON CATS FOR RESCUE!

CONTACT: Adoptions: PH: (606) 723-3587 (they cannot return long distance phone calls - try back if you don't reach anyone - Email: [email protected] or visit the shelter directly at 50 Ginter Road, Ravenna, KY 40472
If you are with RESCUE and want to help, please e-mail [email protected] 
If you would like to SPONSOR a dog or cat, please e-mail [email protected]

CTL 616 Young Male URGENT! HAS $20 SPONSORSHIP! Large and beautiful! No other info except came in with 615-619. All 1 year and older - all very sweet and friendly.

 CTL 617 & 618 Black and White Young Females URGENT! HAVE $20 EACH in SPONSORSHIPS! No other info except they and other cats came from the same place - all 1 year and older - all very sweet and friendly.
CTL 638 Black and White Tuxedo Female URGENT! Has $20 SPONSORSHIP! Super friendly - a love bug.
CTL 642 Justice Adult Female URGENT! HAS $20 SPONSORSHIP! SPAYED AND DECLAWED. 3 years old. Has a microchip.
CTL 640-41 Tortie Female SPAYED and Tabby Male NEUTERED Adults ADOPTED! FRONT LEGS DEFORMED! These 2 are from the same home and are 1-2 years old. Very sweet and loving.
CTL 640-41 Tortie Female SPAYED and Tabby Male NEUTERED Adults ADOPTED! These 2 are from the same home and are 1-2 years old. Very sweet and loving.
CTL 623 & 624 Jingle Male Brown Tabby and Belle Gray Tabby Female SAFE! Siblings. Young Teenagers. They had sore rears so TWHRA pulled them to get them medical attention. They still need rescue! Their mom (gray and white) was adopted.
 CTL 1325 Holly Adult Female URGENT! LONG TIMER! HAS $120 SPONSORSHIP! 2 years old, 46lbs. OWNER SURRENDER with 1333 Brady. Lovely girl. Loves people. She is getting along better with other dogs.
CTL 1347 Kit Adult Male URGENT! LONG TIMER! HAS $70 SPONSORSHIP! 1.5 years old, 67lbs.  OWNER SURRENDER.  Kit is a big baby that needs to learn how to behave. He wants out of the shelter so badly. Lovely boy. Kit tested well with female Buttons.

CTL 1376 Sophia BABY Female & CTL 1377 Wally BABY Male RECLAIMED! 12 weeks old. Sophia weighs 7lbs. and Wally weighs 8lbs.

CTL 1376 Sophia BABY Female & CTL 1377 Wally BABY Male RECLAIMED! 12 weeks old. Sophia weighs 7lbs. and Wally weighs 8lbs.

CTL 1382 Buddy Young Male ADOPTED! 1 year old, 37lbs. NEUTERED. OWNER SURRENDER Very sweet boy.

Powell County, KY: Brown Pup NEEDS RESCUE ASAP! This pup was found in Clay City - person can’t keep - more than likely shelter bound. No other info.

MOM AND PUPS SAFE! Mom and pups are now in a safe place with shelter and food instead of in a tree stump. Person is working with mom and can pet her. There are 7 pups about 6 weeks old and weigh approximately 5lbs. Mom weighs about 50lbs.
Clover Adult Female - 2 years old, 69lbs. Clover was pulled from the Estill County Animal Shelter back in March 2017 for medical care. She had a painful limp so we had x-rays taken. X-rays revealed she must have been hit by a car. Since that time Clover has healed, has been spayed, updated on vaccinations, has tested negative for Heartworm and microchipped. UTD on HW and flea prevention. Clover is a bundle of pure love. She is GREAT WITH OTHER DOGS. Not sure about cats but she loves everyone in her family. When she bonds with someone and is on a walk on leash she likes to protect her family and does not let people reach out to her. This is an area she needs work on. Recently while on a walk a person approached her foster person rapidly to pet Clover without permission. Clover bit her and then realized immediately she had done something wrong and dropped to the ground. She is out of quarantine. Animal Control said she was the sweetest girl with them and never saw anything bad from her. She really needs a large fenced in yard to play and run. She has been to many adoption events in Lexington and area with no luck of finding that forever family to love her. Can you be the one to give her a chance?
 Kaya Young Female MISSING! 6 months old, 36lbs. Kaya recently started having seizures. Her family took her to the vet and got medication for her. They are now seeking rescue for her, not because they don't want to provide for her, but because they financially cannot. The family's young son has an unknown lung issue that they are in the middle of trying to get diagnosed and the mom just lost her job. They also have another child and a cat to provide for. They are devastated about not being able to do more for Kaya, but they want to give her a chance to get the proper care. Today, Kaya is on the last dose of medications that were prescribed and the vet asked them to bring her back in this week for a follow-up, but they cannot afford it. They haven't even been able to pay their vet bill from last Friday and they cannot afford the refill of seizure meds she needs. THE SITUATION IS URGENT!

 CTL 1341 Coal Young Male URGENT! ADOPTED! 1 year old, 33lbs. STRAY HOLD EXPIRED GOOD WITH OTHER DOGS Very sweet boy.

CTL 1358 Buttons  Young Female SAFE! 1 year old, 28lbs. STRAY HOLD EXPIRED. Very sweet girl. GOOD WITH OTHER DOGS.
CTL 1359 Runner SENIOR Male SAFE! 10-15 YEARS OLD! Weighs 16lbs. OWNER SURRENDER.  Very sweet and gentle old man who MIGHT BE BLIND AND DEAF! So very sad - could someone please get this guy out?
CTL 1360 Bear SENIOR Male SAFE! 8 years old, 34lbs. OWNER SURRENDER. Another dumped senior - very sweet boy.




POSTED 11/16  Though the shelters try very hard to not euthanize eventually they have to euthanize dogs and cats on this list that are not getting any interest to make space.  So please do not think all the animals on our list are safe, they are not. HBW posts animals in need of rescue on behalf of 4 different facilities in the areas of Quincy, IL and Hannibal, MO. Transportation is available to your desired location!

CONTACT: Email: [email protected]

Just a reminder that HBW, Inc does not perform adoptions, we only do shelter to shelter transfers. Therefore all animals posted are sitting in a kennel somewhere; ie shelter or boarding facility, no closer to their forever home.

 In need of rescue but not listed: Jeb, Calvin, and Reeses

Mokie Lab/American Pit Bull Terrier Mix URGENT!  HW POSITIVE!  HAS ALL VACCINES.  3.5 years old . Mokie was brought in as a stray Jan 5th. She clearly had puppies prior to this.  We are guessing she was dumped after the puppies were weaned as no one came looking for her.  We don’t know why as she is SUPER friendly and well mannered. She knows sit and wait and LOVES to play fetch.   She is good with kids. She is fine with dogs but honestly has no interest in being with them. She is very much a people dog and just wants to be with people.  She will chase cats.   She is not spayed but is current on rabies, DHPPL and Bordetella. She has been started on the slow kill method for heartworms.   She has been in the system 7 months now, will someone please give this sweet girl a chance.

Winston Border Collie Mix Adult Male URGENT! NEUTERED, HW NEG, ALL VACCINES. 2.5 years old.  Winston is a good boy but needs a home that can handle his high energy and high herding drive.  He is good with other dogs and does well in play groups every day.  He probably needs to be in a home with another dog to help tire him out each day.  He is neutered, heartworm tested negative and current on rabies, DHPPL and Bordetella.
Rudy American Staffordshire Terrier Adult Male URGENT! NEUTERED, ALL VACCINES. 2 years old. Rudy was an owner surrender for not getting along with the other dog in the house.   Rudy is a very nice guy and good with kids as there were kids in the home but according to the owner he needs to be an only pet.  The biggest and number one issue we see with Rudy is he needs someone to teach him some manners.  He isn’t a bad dog but it is clear no one has worked with him.   He is neutered and current on rabies, DHPPL and Bordetella.  He will be heartworm tested prior to transport.
Gia Terrier/All American Mutt Mix Young Female URGENT! DEAF! SPAYED, ALL VACCINES. 1 year old, 40lbs. We really aren’t sure what mixture of breeds Gia is…. Terrier ears, long wispy hair, medium sized, she is any body’s guess.  Gia is special needs by being deaf and needs an owner who understands how to work with deaf dogs.   She has completed the Puppies 4 Parole program and knows basic hand commands.  She is very sweet but we are being told no small children who can possible “sneak up” on her and startle her.  She is spayed and current on rabies, DHPP and Bordetella. She will be heartworm tested prior to transport. She is good with other dogs.

Betty Domestic Short Hair SENIOR FemaleSPAYED, FIV/LEUK NEG, HAS ALL VACCINES. 10 years old. Betty was surrendered because her owner passed away and no one in the family wanted to take her.  She is super sweet, would make a great lap cat and loves to chatter with you all day long. She would make someone who is lonely a wonderful companion. 

Abbey Domestic Short Hair Older Adult Female URGENT! SPAYED,  FIV/LEUK NEG, ALL VACCINES. 8.5 years old. Abbey was an owner surrender when her owner went to a nursing home and no one in the family wanted her. She needs to either be an only cat or in a home with older cats that will not bother her and no dogs.  She is very slow to warm up and will most likely hide for several weeks in a new home, but once she gets comfortable she will become quite sociable.  She is spayed, FIV/Leuk tested negative and current on rabies and FVRCP.

NO UPDATE...Kisses American Staffordshire Terrier Adult Female URGENT! SPAYED, HW NEG, ALL VACCINES. 5.5 years old, very petite Kisses is a TOTAL SWEETHEART!!!  She was surrendered for not getting along with the other dog in the house.  We have had her with large dogs and small dogs and all she needs is to be taught some manners and guidelines. In all of our dog interactions with her she seems to have a ball playing with other dogs. She can play too rough for small dogs so may do better in a home with a dog similar or larger in size.  She had no problem keeping up with a 11 month old puppy either.   She is very people focused and absolutely LOVES KIDS!!!  She responds well to correction as she wants to please.  With the right owners she can be in home with other dogs but they will need to continue to work with her that sharing attention is ok.  There is no issue with food or toys.   She is spayed, heartworm tested negative, current on rabies, DHPPL and Bordetella.  She is only about 40 – 45 lbs and could stand to lose a few pounds.
NO UPDATE...Cindy Sue Rat Terrier SENIOR  Female URGENT! SPAYED, HW NEG, ALL VACCINES.  13 years old. Cindy Sue’s owner passed away and she had no one to take her in.  She is very sweet, good with dogs, cats and kids.    At 13 yrs of age she has the typical old age stuff like cataracts and fatty deposits but she is still full of spunk and let her off a leash and she will run like a bat out of you know what!    She is spayed, heartworm tested negative and current on rabies, DHPP and Bordetella.
NO UPDATE...Clover Lab/Collie Mix? Young Female URGENT! HW NEG, ALL VACCINES. 1 year old, 30lbs. Clover was an owner surrender as they stated they didn’t have time for her.  She is super sweet and good with dogs and kids. She has not been cat tested.  The owner said Lab/Border Collie blend but aren’t really sure on that as she is super tiny and pretty much full grow. She is not spayed but is heartworm tested negative and current on rabies, DHPPL and Bordetella.

NO UPDATE...Oreo & Snickers Domestic Short Hair Young Females URGENT! 4 months old. Mother is Reeses who tested negative for FIV/Leuk, 1 FVRCP,  Both are very friendly, playful and easily handled. 

NO UPDATE...Sassee Domestic Short Hair Adult Female URGENT!  FIV/LEUK NEG, SPAYED, ALL VACCINES. 5 years old. Sassee was an owner surrender with 4 other cats and 3 dogs due to her owner going to assisted living.  She is very friendly to the point that she won’t stop head bumping you until you pet her.  She wants to play with other cats and plays with toys like a kitten.  She is spayed, FIV/Leuk tested negative and current on rabies and FVRCP.

POSTED 12/19 -  
Adoption fee on any available animal is $20. All rescues that are 501(c)3 tax exempt will not be charged a pull fee but must present a copy of their tax exempt status.

CONTACT: PH: (606) 256-1833   Email: [email protected]



Cody Mountain Cur Mix Adult Male  - NO LONGER POSTED ON SITE... Cody is 2 years old and weighs about 30 lbs. He was brought to us as a stray and he is now desperately seeking a new home. Cody is somewhat shy but really likes people.
 Gus Mixed Breed Young Male  -  NO LONGER POSTED ON SITE... Gus is 8 months old and weighs about 25-30 lbs. He came to the shelter as a stray. Gus is a very sweet boy that would adapt well into any family.

Romeo Hound Mix Young Male  -  Romeo is about 9 months old. He came to us as a drop out in the Scaffold Cane area. Romeo is a very large, happy and playful pup.

  Izzy Lab/Pit Bull Terrier Mix Young Female  -  Izzy is about 1 year old. She is a very friendly girl. Izzy would love to have a family just like yours.

Sam Mixed Breed Large Young Male -  8 months old. Sam will be a pretty large dog when he is finished growing. He is very friendly and he loves attention.
Chico Jack Russell Terrier Adult Male -  2 years old. Chico has been at our shelter for 10 days. His owner has made no attempt to get him so he is now available for adoption. Chico is a very feisty boy and he loves everyone. He is very curious of other dogs and would need monitored around them. Chico is used to staying in the house.

Nala Husky/German Shepherd Dog Mix Adult Female - Owner surrender. 2-3 years old. Nala is a sweet girl and is kind of shy. She would be wonderful for any family willing to pay her some attention. Shows no aggression to other dogs.

Jack Lab Mix Adult Male - Owner surrender. 3 years old, 70lbs. Jack is very friendly with everyone and likes to play.
Rockcastle County Animal shelter
Mount Vernon, KY




POSTED 4/11  This weekend's intake filled the shelter. Many strays so IF you are missing a dog, please visit the shelter! Zeus is our featured dog but Louie, Tess, Rosie, Skittles, Hank, Josie and Kylie (all previous featured) still need homes. Shelter is rescue and adopter friendly in and out of state.

 CONTACT: PH: (859) 737-0053 Email: [email protected] or Email: [email protected]

Stella Domestic Short Hair Black and White Adult Female - Stella was surrendered to the shelter after someone took her from a person that was giving her away at Walmart! She is a very sweet girl that really enjoys attention. She is estimated to be 2-3 years old.

Heifer Young Female - Heifer came to the shelter with 6 other cats that were given up by their owner because a family member moved in with her that was allergic. Heifer is becoming more comfortable each day. She really likes to be with the other cats so a home with others may be good for her. She is easy to handle and seems to enjoy attention. Heifer is about 9 months old.

ID# 7218 Young - Came to the shelter as a stray litter. These kittens are 3-4 months old and are very friendly and affectionate.

 Athena Domestic Short Hair Tabby Adult Female  - Athena was surrendered to the shelter with 2 other cats because the owner was moving. Athena is very affectionate and loving towards people and other cats. She has never been around dogs. Athena is about 18 months old.

ID# 4227 Domestic Short Hair Tabby Adult Female - Has been at the shelter for almost 3 months! She is very sweet and came to us as a stray. She is very affectionate and would make a great family pet. She loves everyone and is ok with dogs that are cat friendly. ID#4227 does have a pretty dominant personality with other kitties. She gets jealous and wants all the attention for herself, but over time we feel this would settle. She has had roommates during her time at the shelter and they have always worked things out. ID#4227 is estimated to be 1-2 years old.

Blondee Adult Male - Came to the shelter with 6 other cats that were given up by their owner because a family member moved in with her that was allergic. Blondee is very sweet and is starting to get more comfortable since first arriving at the shelter. He seems to enjoy being held. Blondee is about 18 months old.


5. Madisonville, KY: ADOPTABLE CATS & DOGS!

CONTACT: Email: [email protected] PH: (270) 821-8965 

Hopkins County Humane Society
Madisonville, KY




CONTACT: PH: (606) 298-4035  Email: [email protected]
Thomas Domestic Short Hair Orange and White Large Young Male - Thomas is a big young cat, about a year old, who was thrown out at the shelter. He is so, so, loving and gentle. Good with other cats, dogs and children.

Serenity Domestic Long Hair Torbie Medium Adult Female  - Maine Coon Cat type. Serenity has the sweetest temperament. She is gorgeous in person!!

Tootsie, Rollo and Kit Kat Domestic Short Hair BABY Females - Tootsie is a gorgeous Calico, Rollo is a gray/silver Tabby and Kit Kat is all black except for a tiny streak of white on her throat.

Tulip Tuxedo Young Female - Tulip looks moody, but really, she is a very sweet, gentle cat. She is about a year old. She has a sister who looks just like her.

Shane Boxer Mix Medium Adult Male -  3 - 4 years old. Simply wonderful dog. Gentle , calm and quiet. Shane has a bobtail.

Chester Shepherd/Feist Mix Medium Adult Male -  Weighs 22lbs. Chester is a sweet smaller dog, He is afraid of other dogs due to his life of having to fight for food before he came to the shelter.

Boulder Boxer Mix Medium Adult Male - Boulder loves to carry rocks in his mouth. He weighs about 55 pounds and is a nice friendly dog.

Bia Lab Mix Medium Adult Female - 9 years old. Bia is an older dog with bad hips. Her owners decided to have her euthanized because of her hips, but with medication, she is fine. Bia is a fine watch dog, and is good with people. She is sweeeet! Her hips can't take rough play with other dogs or with young children, so she needs a home with older children and older dogs, who will be friends. but no rough-housing.

Martin County Animal Shelter
Inez, KY